Top 5 Fun Restaurant Tycoon Mobile Games

Restaurant tycoon games are a fun way to detach from your daily problems and be immersed in the world of quickly serving your customers and making a bunch of money. It’s easy to get lost in games where your primary goal is to make money and build up your empire, especially with games that allow you to make money quickly. Here is a list of tycoon games that will eat up all your time.


My Cafe – Restaurant Game

Created by Melsoft Games, My Cafe is meant targetted towards coffee lovers all around the world who nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. The game is relaxing and fun, with strategies that will allow you to make money even when you’re online. You build up from the basics, keep climbing up higher, and make more money as you add more items to your Cafe.

The game also has an interactive storyline along with a huge variety of items to personalize your cafe with. It is a truly addictive game, with love, drama, and a lot of ambition. You can get My Cafe – Restaurant Game on Google Play and App Store.

Furistas Cat Cafe – Cute Animal Care Game

Runaway decided to make a game where you can adopt a bunch of cats in your cafe The goal is to keep your cats as well as your customers satisfied. You can do so by matching cats to customers to maximize happiness and gain more points. The game lets you choose from an array of different customization styles, which differ from a soft, cute cat lair to a gothic, dark one.

This game is a perfect blend between a cafe game and a pet game. There is even a gentle narrative voice constantly implementing ethical pet ownership and not neglecting the furry friends while you run your cafe. Furistas Cat Cafe – Cute Animal Care Game can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store.

Cafeland – World Kitchen

Cafeland is a touch-down tycoon simulation game created by GAMEGOS, which allows you to map out your own restaurant story and reach your desired destination of a 5-star restaurant. You will find yourself getting carried away by all the cooking, serving, and redecorating. You have dozens of amazing dishes and hundreds of shiny items to place in your restaurant. You can even build special items that will earn you more money.

Rule the catering arena and attract celebrities while also earning many gifts. You can download Cafeland – World Kitchen on Google Play and App Store.

Cooking Diary

In this highly-rated game developed by MYTONA, cooking is the most prestigious way to earn money. Loved and supported by millions of players, this game is about you helping your grandfather save his family restaurant chain and polish his reputation. Diversity in this game shines through. You can cook dishes from all around the world while opening many restaurants in town and decorating them to your taste.

Personalize everything while making friends and winning many awards. You can download Cooking Diary on Google Play and App Store.

Animal Restaurant

By far the most rewarding and addictive game on this list, Animal Restaurant has the best art-style and the simplest controls. You get hundreds of dishes and all sorts of features in your restaurants. Furniture styles are from all across the world – Chinese to the Mediterranean.

You can’t help but keep coming back to the game to check on your progress and make more money. There is a lot of room to grow and improve existing features, as well as an array of adorable staff.

You can download Animal Restaurant on Google Play and App Store.

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