Call of Duty: Mobile PDW-57 Class Setup For Aggressive Gameplay

PDW-57 is the most used weapon for the aggressive play-style along with the RUS-79u and Cordite. You'll see at least one player on your team or the opponent team with this weapon, and the reason is simple - the weapon has great damage, hardly any recoil, and a large clip.



A red-dot or Holographic sight well on this weapon, but if you're rushing, the best is iron sight. Thankfully this weapon has an overall good iron sight that can be used to lazer through enemies close and mid-range. You can shift from one enemy to another easily because of the quick kill-time and the high mobility of the weapon.

Next, you would probably want to use an FMJ. For some reason, most people think weapons without FMJ will also penetrate through walls. It won't every time, and not through most surfaces. FMJ doesn't draw up your damage - it lets you shoot people through walls and other surfaces. If you're in someone's face and they take quick cover, you can kill them without moving from your spot.

Regardless of having Agile in your class or not, a quickdraw is necessary for an aggressive class setup. But if you have quickdraw attached, Agile perk can be skipped on.

The next attachment, which is best to have, is the foregrip. You might not agree with this since PDW hardly kicks at all. But what most people don't know is that the long barrel doesn't make that much of a difference in long-range. So it's better to control your recoil as much as possible when you're scoped in so you can still beam people with this gun.


When it comes to perks, you should stick with Lightweight in the red perk category. This helps you move faster and get to your enemies before they expect. The game also feels a lot more thrilling when you're running at a higher speed. 

In blue, you should use Dead Silence; otherwise, your enemies will hear you coming from far away, which defeats the purpose if you're trying to take advantage of the reaction time index. Finally, it would be best if you used the Toughness green perk, so when you take gunfights head-on, you have low chances of missing your shots and losing the fights.


Finally, when it comes to lethal and tactics, it's best to use a grenade and a smoke. Since you'll be ahead of your teammates, you can plant the grenade in the enemy path and time it correctly to get multiple kills. You can do the same with smoke as for the initial couple seconds; you can slightly see through the smoke and get the enemies before they see you coming.

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