PUBG Mobile: New Event 'Carton Rangers' Explained - Get new Season 13 Skin for Free

Season 13 is about to arrive on PUBG in a few days. With it will come loads of new events, features, skins, and rewards. However, this time PUBG Mobile is also hosting a pre-season event called Carton Rangers. Here we will give you the entire guide regarding the event and why you should play it.


The Carton Rangers event will take place between 7 May and 18 May. Over this duration, you will have to complete the missions given in the event. There are 4 missions in the event that you have to complete each day. The final prize of this event is an Ice Ranger skin set.

These missions will get reset at the end of the day and you have to keep completing them over the course of 12 days to redeem the final reward. Here listed are the 4 missions.

  • Log into the game
  • Complete a match in any mode
  • Finish in the Top 10 once in Classic Mode
  • Survive for a total of 40 minutes in Classic Mode

As you will notice, these missions are extremely easy to complete and some of you may have completed them unknowingly while playing PUBG. However, just completing them is not enough. You have to come to the Carton Rangers section and collect the reward and cardboard.

After you collect the cardboard, you will have to assemble toys using them. 3 cardboard are required to assemble a toy so you will need to complete 3 missions for one toy. These toys are customizable with various colors that you can choose for their parts.

There is an assembly counter bar in the event screen with various prizes corresponding to the number of toys you have assembled. The final reward is the Ice Ranger Set (10d) which you will get on assembling 24 toys.

Get going and complete this pre-event. There is a high chance that many players will miss this event. So get the Ice Ranger skin and flaunt it in the game.

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