Device or Skills? Which is More Important To Master PUBG Mobile

Often new players blame their Smartphones; they claim that the enemies had better devices, and this is why they lose all the time. So is it actually true? Let's find out which is more important to master PUBG Mobile - Device or Skills?



Starting with mobile, there are some basic terms which we all are familiar with, like frame rate, mobile processor, graphics, etc.

Frame rate plays a vital role in the game. How clear are the things in the game is defined by the frame rate your mobile can support. In some devices, the map loads as soon as you jump from the plane, while in low-end devices the map does not even loads after landing. The frame rate can set up to the extreme, and for this, you need a good processor in your mobile.

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Talking about processors, it plays an important role in the mobile gaming world, the stronger your processor is, the more you can put the load on it, like you can set extreme frame rate and you can also use ultra graphics, if your processor is too good then you can also use ultra HD.


Now, talking about skills, Skills work as a heart works in a human body; without it, you can't survive. In this era of competition, everyone is busy in increasing their skills.

PUBG Mobile is like a race where every player is a driver, and his/her Device is a vehicle he/she is driving. Now, it depends on the driver how he is driving, but it also depends on the car (You can't win a race with a slow car).


If the phone is silver, then skills are the gold, so focus on your skills more and grab your chicken dinner.

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