Call of Duty Mobile To Get 2 New Class: Trickster And Airborne

Call of Duty Mobile Beta Players must be aware that there are currently 6 classes that you can choose from while Playing Battle Royale Mode. On which we previously did a post explaining Each Class in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode and we also told you guys which one is the best class.

Anyways Today, we have more good news for you guys, so recently there have been rumors that Call of Duty Mobile will get 2 more classes added into the game, making it a total of 8 Classes to choose from while playing the Battle Royale Mode in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile 2 News Classes, Trickster and Airborne.

A Twitter user 'MrPan_RC' recently shared out this screenshot which further confirms that the new two classes which will be added to the game will be Trickster and Airborne.

A Reddit User 'Gamerz_ThumbsYT' further took a guess that 'trickster is where you create copies of your self so you can run away and airborne probably summons in an aerial vehicle to drop out of'.


What is your guess about this new Call of Duty Mobile Classes? What Speical ability will these classes have? Do Let us know in the comments section below.