Free Fire OB22 Update Full Patch Notes

Free Fire is expected to get the new OB22 update on the 3rd June 2020. The new update will bring a lot of new features and changes to the game, which will bring a new gameplay experience for the players. In this post, we are going to share Free Fire OB22 Update complete changes in the game.

Free Fire OB22 Update Patch Notes

New Characters

1. Wolfrahh

A new male character called 'Wolfrahh' is coming to Free Fire. The special ability of Wolfrahh reduces the damage taken from enemies by headshots while increases the damage given on the enemy's arms and legs.


2. Clu

A new female character called 'Clu' is also coming to Free Fire. Clu's special ability shown enemies around in the 40 meters of distance on your mini-map. The only condition is, the enemy should not be in the prone position. After level 4, the character starts sharing the position with teammates also.

New Pet - Flaco

Free Fire is getting its first-ever bird pet called 'Falco.' The special ability of Falco Pet is called 'Flying Free Skill.' The Falco increases character's glider speed while jumping, whereas, when the parachute opens, the pet increases the speed of falling.

New Mode - Grim Reaper

In Free Fire Grim Reaper mode, the player collects the opponent's soul. Players start playing as a human and after making some kills unlock the 'Soul' ability. Using the ability, he becomes a soul and uses Scythe as a weapon. The player to make kills fast and fill the bar becomes the winner.


New Gun - M82B

New Sniper Rifle gun called 'M82B' is coming to the Free Fire. The new gun does not spawn on the map like other items. It is going to be available in the Airdrops only and is capable of dealing greater damage to enemies as compared to all guns of Free Fire.

Changes In Map

1. Addition Of Sunflower

The Sunflowers offers you some loot out of them. You need to go near them and click on 'Obtain' button to activate the process. After 5-6 seconds, loot will spawn near you, and meanwhile, your character will perform emotes.

2. Changes In Hanger

A building like a warehouse with a lot of containers is added to the Hanger area on the map. You can find some loot in the containers of the warehouse. Apart from that, there is a tower on the roof of the warehouse building.


3. Changes In Factory

A throne is added to the factory area on the map. You go near the throne and tap the 'Sit' button to sit on it and then press 'Leave' to stand from it. The addition is just for a fun experience.

Summer Theme

1. New Lobby

A completely new summer theme-based lobby is coming to Free Fire. For realistic feel, there will be Beach Chair, Umbrella, Big Ball, and other things.

2. New Plane

The plane is also getting a new look. Just like the new lobby, the plane will also be based on the Summer theme. You will get to see Water, Umbrella, Sunglasses, and other things painted on the plane.

New Waiting Area

A new waiting area, full of tall buildings or skyscrapers, is coming to Free Fire. However, you are not allowed to enter the buildings, but the new look is really nice.

Training Room Changes

Training Room will get divided into three zones; Target Range: Firing Practice, Social Zone: Social and Explore, and Combat Zone: Combat Training. Apart from that, a race track added to the Social Zone.

Using DJ Alok Ability With Other Character

Now, you can use DJ Alok's ability with your favorite character. To do so, click on the character's Skill slot, and you get to see a new option called 'Active'. In this Active section, you click on 'Drop the Beat' skill, and you are all set to use it.

Selection of Map In Ranked Matches

Now, you can select the map you want to play in the Ranked Matches. The options available are Bermuda and Purgatory map.

Other Changes

  • Daily & Weekly Missions Interface Changed
  • Custom Room Interface Changed
  • In-game Mail Interface Changed
  • Added 'Arctic Blue Bundle' In Magic Cube Store
  • Added 'The Street Bundle' In Magic Cube Store
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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