Top 3 Multiplayer Games You Can Play To Keep Yourself Busy

We all are living in tough times, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Spending time with ourselves, in our homes have become almost impossible, as we run out of activities to keep ourselves busy. But, this is exactly the best time to play games with your friends and family. Mentioned below are the top 3 games which you can play with your friends and family, and save yourself from boredom.


PUBG Mobile

You might have guessed this one. Since its inception, it has become the most popular Mobile Battle Royale game. You can partner with your friends to form a four-player squad. This game boasts some extensive collection of weapons ranging from Frag Grenades to Machine Guns. As you ascend through the ranks, you will be pitted against more strong players, thus increasing the overall difficulty level of the game.

It also has an in-game chat feature, which allows you to communicate with your friends during a battle. This game is all about proper strategy, some skills, and, most important - teamwork.

Call of Duty Mobile

This game was launched recently and has gained tremendous popularity since then. It is a shooter game. Unlike PUBG Mobile, this game can only be played in the first-person mode. The players can choose from several modes that this game has to offer, including a Battle Royal mode if you are into that. This game is best played with friends. Just like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile also has an in-game chat feature through which you can communicate with your friends.


How many times you’ve wanted to play Ludo but wasn’t able to play because you were missing the dice? Well, with this game, you can play Ludo on your smartphone. The game has four modes – player vs. computer, Local Mode, Online Multiplayer, and Private Multiplayer.

The player vs. computer is pretty self-explanatory. In Local Mode, you can play with others using one smartphone. Online Multiplayer mode allows you to play with people around the world, and with Private Multiplayer, you can play with your friends in private rooms. The game is quite addicting, and you can play for hours straight without getting bored.

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So here is our list of top 3 games which you can play with your family and friends while saving yourself from boredom. Lockdown can affect you mentally so keep yourself busy. Stay in your homes and don’t forget to wash your hands. Peace.