Top 5 Scorestreaks in Call Of Duty: Mobile that will give you the advantage

Call of Duty: Mobile provides a ton of features and weapons that a player can add to his loadout. Among these, scorestreaks are one of the more important aspects that can contribute to a victory in the match. However, seeing a large number of scorestreaks available, you may get confused as to which should be preferred. Here, we list the best scorestreaks that will certainly benefit you and your team.



Score Needed - 400

UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a basic scorestreak in CODM. The UAV displays the location of all your enemies on the minimap in the form of red dots. The working of this scorestreak is quite simple - you have to activate the UAV with a tap and it starts displaying your enemies. The UAV is one of the first scorestreaks that you will get in the match. It is an important scorestreak if you want to get more kills and continue your streak to get higher rewards. This is a must on your loadout.


Score Needed - 550

The airdrop calls in a helicopter that drops a care package for you on the selected location. This is a scorestreak that will allow you to access any scorestreak available in CODM regardless of if its in your loadout. Players are able to get VTOL, stealth chopper, and even the Nuke. At a small score requirement of 550, this is a good trade. The airdrop scorestreak can change the tide of war in an instant and is a good addition to your loadout.

Predator Missile

Score Needed - 700

The predator missile is a powerful scorestreak in CODM. The Predator Missile is a manually controllable missile that can be used to hit a particular location or even the enemy’s air support. You will get a first-person view of the falling missile and can guide it to hit the enemies marked by red spots. Hitting a bunch of enemies at once greatly increases your score and kills and the predator missile is just the weapon to do that. The Predator Missile is easy to acquire and can cause great damage to the enemy team. You should definitely give it a preference for your loadout.

XS1 Goliath

Score Needed - 900

The XS1 Goliath is a recently released scorestreak for CODM. Activating this scorestreak will give you an external armor and a minigun with unlimited ammo. In short, you are transformed into a walking terminator who can completely annihilate his opponents. On the other hand, you can also use the Goliath to destroy the enemy's air support by aiming the minigun at it. The only drawback of the Goliath is the reduced speed, so be sure to activate it only when you have a lot of enemies in sight or nearby. The XS1 Goliath is a great supporting weapon for your team which will allow you to capture territory in the game. For the more tactical players in the game who are good at teamwork and coordination, this is a worthy addition to your loadout.


Score Needed - 1600

The VTOL is one of the most powerful and the last scorestreak in the game. This scorestreak requires a very high score to acquire and its devastating power justifies this. On activating this scorestreak, you will be put in charge of a VTOL gunship which has unlimited ammo. You can control its movement as well as when to attack. If you acquire the VTOL, a win is almost certain in the match. For all players who have mastered any of the overpowered weapons in CODM, this should definitely be on your loadout to completely claim victory over your opponents.