Tencent launches Arena of Valor in Russia, the Middle East, and many other countries

Developed and published primarily by Tencent Games, Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena game for mobile in a third-person 3D view. The game has been a chartbuster in the Chinese market and many counties all over the world. To market their game to the next level they took Arena of Valor overseas by launching them in Russia and the Middle East.


Focusing on the fact that there is a worldwide spike in online gaming due to COVID-19 lockdown, many companies are rescheduling the release of their games. Tencent games saw the opportunities and they aim to proportionately double global game sales and thereby launched the game in Russia and the Middle East, calming that the success of past games released in this area will also be applicable for Arena of Valor.

As COVID-19 has forced most of the world into the state of lockdown, Tencent aimed to capitalize on this opportunity. Arena of Valor, being a multiplayer role-playing game where players had to fight and smash their way through different arenas which have always been a hit concept in the world of gaming.

Tencent games made Arena of Valor available in 149 countries and regions post this launch, which included several parts of North Africa as well. Tencent grew a strong root in Southeast Asia and they claimed to see consistent monthly growth in the marketing. As in the Western gamers tend to lean towards desktops and console for a more enhanced gaming experience. It was also seen rapid growth in the demand of mobile games as premium gaming smartphones become easily accessible.

Tencent in the past years struck its hammer in the market by working with The Pokemon Co. on a new mobile game. They also launched Call of Duty mobile after partnering up with Activision. They aimed to develop and publish one of the most popular desktop game League of Legends to the mobile gaming platforms.  

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As Tencent analyzed an emerging market opportunity in Russia and Middle East, it is to see how Arena of Valor smashes its way through the gaming market of these countries.