PUBG Mobile Falcon: Everything We Know About Companion Feature

The companion feature was first introduced in May 2019. It was added as a part of an event. By November, this feature was made permanent. This feature allows you to have a Falcon as your companion. The Falcon has very little role to play in the game. For the most part, the Falcon will sit on the player’s shoulder, occasionally flying near the player’s shoulder.

When it was first introduced, some of the players were worried, and some are still worried that the Falcon might make the player more visible to their opponent. This is, however, not true, as it is only visible to the player and his/her teammates. Opponent players cannot see the Falcon.


To be honest, the companion is like those fancy skins – serves little to no purpose in the game. It is only there to make you pretty or cool. It adds a visual flair in the game while having no practical purpose at all. The Characters, on the other hand, is a useful feature, especially in EvoGround mode. It can boost up your stats - like when you are driving as Sara; your vehicle takes less damage. One must keep in mind that these extra boosts only work in EvoGround mode and not in Classic mode.

The Falcon has a total of seven levels. Initially, your Falcon will have seven animations by default. As you progress to higher levels, you will unlock more Falcon animations, making up to fourteen different animations in total. To progress from a lower level to a higher level, you need to gather ten thousand Experience Points or EXPs.

There are two ways to level up your Falcon – you can either bring your Falcon to your matches, and it will gain EXPs gradually, or you can buy Companion Food from the in-game shop for 20 UC to your Falcon. Each feeding gives you 100 EXP. The second method yields result much faster if you are willing to spend that much.

Now, comes the question of getting a companion for yourself. During the event period, when the Companion feature was first released, people could get it for free by completing the event tasks. But, as we all know, that the event was over long ago and therefore, you cannot get it for free anymore.

However, all hopes are not lost. You can still get the bird by purchasing it from the in-game store. It will cost around 1,500 UC to buy, and to be honest; it is very costly. Again, if you are willing to pay such hefty amounts, then go ahead and buy it.

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