Free Fire 'Brick Swingers' Mode Is Coming Back On 13th April

Hope you all are enjoying the Kapella Patch in Free Fire, which brought a lot of new features in the game. But the developers did not stop only there, after the Patch they introduced a lot of new events and other things to keep the game interesting. 

Even they are bringing the old modes back for the players to be enjoyed in the quarantine period. The last mode they re-introduced was the 'Explosive Jump Mode' in which you play with MGL40 (Grenade Launcher) and Jumping Shoes. This mode is available in the game till 12th April only. But another limited-time mode is making its way back to the game.


Free Fire has officially announced that after Explosive Jump Mode, another mode called 'Brick Swingers' is making its way back to the game. Both the modes were together in the game around 8 to 9 months ago, but this time the 'Explosive Jump' Mode will be removed from the game on 12th April, and 'Brick Swingers' mode will be available from 13th April.

If you can't recollect what the Brick Swingers Mode is, then we are here for you. Brick Swingers mode can be considered as Explosive Jump Mode with 2 extra items. The match in this mode goes like the casual match, but as you get Grenade Launcher and Jumping Shoes in the Explosive Jump Mode, in the Brick Swingers Mode, there will be two extra items called 'Grappling Hook' and 'Brick Grenade.'

So apart from the general items like MedKits and all, you get Grenade Launcher (MGL40) + Jumping Shoes + Grappling Hook + Brick Grenade in the Free Fire Brick Swingers Mode.

Grenade Launcher is a 5-ammo gun capable of throwing grenades on the enemies till around 200 meters. Using the Jumping shoes, you can jump double to the normal jump. Grappling Hook is a 1-ammo gun that throws the rope with a hook at the targeted place and takes you to the place within seconds. Using the Brick Grenade, you can make a Brick building wherever you want.

You find Brick Grenades lying on the ground just like the other loot. You can even make the buildings one above another and make a tower using a lot of brick grenades. Using the Grappling hook, you can go on top of the tower and can shower the grenades on the enemies. The brick grenade system is somewhat similar to the Fortnite's building concept.

Using the Grappling Hook, you can go and come down from the higher places without taking any damage. Using the Grappling Hook is similar to the normal gun, but if you cannot target at a place, it will show you a cross on the screen. So get ready to hook your way higher and higher and swing and swish from above.

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