Vector vs. UZI: Which One is Better In PUBG Mobile?

The Vector and Uzi are now among the top semi-automatic rifles in PUBG Mobile. SMG’s (Sub-Machine Guns) are quite famous for their firing rate, causing a lot of damage to the opponent player. However, SMG’s are only as good as in close to medium range combats.

There is a lot of ongoing debate and questions among players as to which SMG is better out of those two. To make things easier for you, here is a comparison of the two guns. The comparison is based on three parameters - Attachments, Bullets, and Damage.



Both of the SMGs can be stocked with a variety of attachments, making the guns a little easier to handle. Vector, being one of the most versatile guns, has five attachment slots. Initially, it has a small magazine capacity of only 19 rounds. So, an Extended Mag is an absolute necessity. Apart from that, you can equip it with a tact stock, a foregrip and a muzzle to reduce the recoil of the gun.

UZI, on the other hand, can be stocked with similar set attachments, except for the fact that you cannot use a scope with UZI. But with the recent update the developers have also resolved the players concern of scope on the UZI and made it compatible with Red Dot and Holo Graphic Sight. Both guns have a very low recoil as compared to the ARs.


UZI surpasses Vector in terms of bullet capacity. It can hold up to 35 bullets when attached with an Extended Mag. This sub-machine gun can bring down two enemies, without having to reload.

Vector, as mentioned above, should always be used with an Extended Mag. Both of the guns use 9mm bullets, which you will get in abundance. So, finding bullets for these weapons shouldn’t be a problem.


Being the best of the SMGs, both of the guns can deal with a high amount of damage. However, a fully stocked Vector has a better damage output than a UZI, both in theory and in practice. But it all depends on the expertise of the player over the weapon.


UZI is better than Vector in close-combat battles because of its faster firing capacity. Even UZI is the fastest gun of PUBG Mobile in terms of firing rate but eventually not in firing range :-(. Earlier, it was tougher to aim with it but with recent update the issue no more exists.

In addition to this, UZI requires a longer time to reload. Vector, on the other hand, is a very versatile and easy-to-use gun. It can be used to take down targets over 50 meters with relative ease.

Vector is suited for both close range and medium-range combats. The only downside to the Vector is its low bullet capacity. All in all, if you still have your doubts, then play a match to find out for yourself.