Here is everything you can expect in PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Update & Season 7

New PUBG Mobile update 0.12.5 is about to be globally released which will also bring the Season 7 of the game. The developers have already released the beta version of the 0.12.5 update. Here are the top features which the 0.12.5 update & Season 7 will bring :


1. Parachute Trail
If you have tested the PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 beta version you have noticed that whenever a player jumps from the plane a colourful trail follows him, which radiates from his parachute. This feature is similar to the Apex Legends landing system which will reveal the landing position of the enemy. It will be very fun to see it live when the new season will start on 17 May or 18 May 2019. The airplane is also expected to have some beautiful effects while flying over different maps.

Trail System

2. Beard Look
In player customization the developers have added the new beard section that means now players can apply beard on their avatar face which provides funky and more cool looks. In beta update only single style of beard is available. May be in global version they can add more styles. Though it might be available to only players who will be buying Season 7 Royale Pass. As PUBG Mobile is not going to give this amazing feature for free. So it might be available for Season 7 Royale Pass holders. But the beard look is one of the best avatars looks in the game.

Beard Look

3. Death Animation
In the testing of beta version it has been experienced that when you kill your enemy his death animation changes as compared to the current global version. So it is also expected that there will be new death animation in the global release of the upcoming update.

4. New Gun Skorpion
A new weapon is coming in the next update which has been named "Skorpion". It is a machine pistol which is very similar to CZ75 weapon in CS:GO. It uses 9MM bullets and can load up to 20 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine. Other attachments on muzzle, stock and grip will also available. It has already been available in PUBG PC version and with the 0.12.5 update it will be introduced in Mobile version as well.

new gun in PUBG Mobile - Skorpion

5. Companion
The companion was supposed to be released in the last update but for some reasons PUBG Mobile delayed it and finally in 0.12.5 update players will get to experience the companion feature. The companion has various different levels of it which will be unlocked by a special item. As you unlock more levels, more emotes for the companion will also become available. Players will also be able to change the name of their companion with the help of some rename cards. But the default name of the companion is Falcon, which sounds pretty good as the companion is a falcon.

companion in PUBG Mobile

6. New Lobby Effect
In the beta test of 0.12.5 update a colourful entrance effect appears whenever the player enters the lobby. It is some kind of welcome whenever a new player will join the lobby.

7. Reward System
Now the players will also be able to get some amazing in-game items by watching videos. PUBG Mobile sends various rewards when a player watches a video. Though there are only 3 videos available to watch per day. It is expected that some Crate Coupons will be rewarded for watching videos in the Reward Section.

8. Update Size 400-600MB with no Maintenance Break
Another major thing about 0.12.5 update is that the game is not going to get a 'Maintenance Break'. As the update will be provided in-game. It will have a size of around 400-600MB. Hence the update is not going to be available on Play Store and will be available for download from 17th or 18th May 2019 as soon as the update gets pushed throughout the server.

9. Other features
Other major features of 0.12.5 update are new rewards for Season 7 Royale Pass. Also, some major glitches like Single Tap glitch are also going to be getting fixed. New daily challenges are also going to be getting introduced in the game.

That's all for this update information. These are just leaks and notes that is seen in PUBG Mobile beta testing 0.12.5.

Stay tuned for the latest PUBG Mobile updates!