Angry Birds Legends opens for beta testing for Android

The latest addition to the Angry Birds series is the Angry Birds Legends, a role-playing game. It is now available in open beta for Android in the UK, Finland, and Sweden currently.


Rovio Entertainment the developer has been busy for a couple of months having two recent soft launches. One being Angry Birds Tennis, an arcade tennis game while other being Angry Birds Casual, a new game with a usual theme. Now it is followed by the Angry Birds Legends.

This new game also takes place in the usual theme where the fight is between the birds and the pigs. With the arrival of dragons and dark magic, everything goes into chaos forcing birds and pigs to team up. The game follows the storyline of how they pair up and defeat the evil.

In this game, you might be expected to combine the heroes from both side to form a formidable combat sides. Each hero can be upgraded to improve their abilities. As usual, it is also expected to be free to play title. The game is also expected to get limited-time events which might reward the players with epic and legendary heroes.

Overall this turn-based RPG seems interesting and can be sure that it will garner a huge fan base as the time goes on. The Angry Birds Legends beta version is available to download in Play Store. As mentioned earlier it is currently limited to the UK, Finland, and Sweden.