Rebel Cops, now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android

Rebel Cops will be launching soon for iOS and Android devices. To get a hint of what will be in the game the players can pre register as it is open now.


HandGames has developed this strategy game where the players take the role of a police who decides to be a vigilante. Viktor Zeuv, a criminal has the total control of the citizens and police force and is doing criminal activities. As a cop you decide to take the matters into your own hands through the vigilante method.

You will disguise yourself as a outlaw gang seeking revenge and try to bring justice. Rebel Cops is a turn based game which means you have to be tactful on your moves. The game takes place in a top down perspective which will help you to plan your moves.

The game also offers some action as you have the options to shoot the bad guys sometimes. As the game moves on you’ll need to help the poor by being a Robin hood. The motive is to save people, be a hero, and to create history.

Rebel Games is now available for pre registration in Play store and App Store. The is said to launch on 23rd April and will cost around $6.99.