HandyGames Will Release 'Rebel Cops' For Mobile Devices

HandyGames announced Rebel Cops as a sequel to their famous adventure game This is the police. It has already been released for Steam and PS4 and soon there will be a mobile version too.

You will rebel against a criminal power with a team of ragtag cops who are ripping apart the town Ripton. So now it is your job to restore the law in the town by fighting off the criminals. Watch the trailer here:


Initially, you will be operating with fewer resources but you can haul a lot of ammunition and weaponry between the missions. Stealth is the key factor here so make sure that you don't alert the enemies and be careful with every step you take.

There will be occasions where you get a chance to help the folks in the town but you also have to complete the ongoing operation so you will have to choose wisely.

Rebel Cops will be out on iOS Appstore and Google Playstore. There is no specific date as to when this game will be launched. It will also be a paid title.


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