Missile Command: Recharged Now Available on iOS and Android

Missile Command: Recharged a revamped version of classic arcade game Missile Command is now on the stores. It is available on both iOS and Android stores for download. It is developed by a collaborative effort between Nickervision Studios and Atari.

This new version of the classic arcade game Missile Command is released on its 40th anniversary of the original. The new version packs in cool neon themes and brings in more immersive controls. Also the game is well optimized to run on the mobiles.


In this game the players have to gun down the warheads coming to damage the city. To aid you in the process there will also be a lot of power ups. It also includes silo-repair and a screen-clearing blast to help clear the multiple warheads.

Screenshot Image

The game also offers the option of upgrading the stats such as power, reloading speed, and rebuild time. These helps in giving a better chance to defend the city in crisis. They also help you in getting extra points and move ahead in the leader board.

Missile Command: Recharged can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store. It is a free to play title with in app purchases.