ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe Is the Latest Puzzler Now Available on Android and iOS

ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe is a sequel to the isoland franchise and. Its a point and click puzzle game where you are lost on an island and you must search for clues by clicking on items. As you gather more and more items and complete puzzles you will be able to learn more about the mysterious island.

Isoland 3 will start where its earlier story ended on a cliffhanger where the rocket is finally launched into space. Now since its a point and click adventurer you will spend lots of time interacting with the objects so make sure to investigate each object thoroughly before leaving it back because even the smallest key point can lead you to your freedom. Even if you can't find anything on one scene don't bother to be on that scene for too long because there might be nothing on the scene and it is just there to fool you.


isoland 3-1If you are unable to solve certain puzzle you can use the tips to solve one. The aesthetics of the game looks like a drawing and it is really fascinating. The game's narrative is also quite interesting and curious equally. Both the visuals and the story are put together really well. There are various languages supported in this game even "alien languages" now that's quite spooky!

isoland 3-2If you liked ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe it is a premium title now available on App Store and Play Store 

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