Neopets: Island Builders is under Early Access in the Play Store

A new game called Neopets: Island Builders is open for early access on the Google Play Store, with a release on the App Store in the near future. As the name suggests it is a building game but unlike other games, this blends the best of city-building, resource gathering, and pet care.


You play the game by collecting resources to rebuild the destroyed region of Dacardia within Neopian. You can create buildings, decorations, and special attractions. As you make your way through the game, you will witness the growth of your own town. This growth will help you expand into new territories.

As the town planners, you’ll have at your disposal, cozy homes, workshops, elegant restaurants, parks, and much more. Shape the landscape with varieties of trees and statues. Place over 70 pieces of furniture and more than 100 items to aid you to build the perfect town.

Besides construction the Neopets you meet, each with different sets of traits and personalities. You also customize them with a huge collection of snazzy, classy, sleek hats. Trade as well plays a massive role within the game. You can trade rare items with friends and visit their towns.

Along with the efforts with rebuilding discover the mystery of the storm that destroyed Dacardia with the help of the exciting new character you meet. Explore whether the storm was a natural disaster or whether a dastardly plot was at hand.

The game will contain in-app purchases. For more information, you can visit their website.