War Tortoise 2 By Foursaken Media – Game Review

War Tortoise 2 is a game developed by Foursaken Media. Foursaken media is a game growing company, which has some good games such as Nobleman:1896, Game of Gods, etc. War Tortoise 2 is an upgraded version of the previous game, ‘War Tortoise.’ The detailed review of War Tortoise 2 has been shared below.


WT2 is an idle third-person shooter game. This game is an upgraded version of the previous War Tortoise. This strategic game is a movement-based tower game, where the tower is an armored tortoise controlled by a pilot. The developers made a difference between the two games by giving movement to the tortoise in the current version. War tortoise is a different genre of tower games because of the evolution of the tower.

War tortoise 2 is a great game and occupies a moderate space of 800 MB on your device. The game works great on the flagship device as well as lower-end mobile phones.

The objective of the game is to conquer as many points on the map; the game starts with a simple tutorial and guides you through the game at the starting stage. You will be facing your enemies in the form of armored insects of every kind, such as beetles, fireflies, spiders, and other armored insects. The game is a mixture of fairy tales and action games. While progressing through the game, the armor of the tortoise can be upgraded by coins. You can obtain coins by killing the enemies, therefore making the game very easy to progress.

You can form allies by using coins. These allies attack opponents and aid in your quest to conquer the world. You can travel to different parts of the map during which you’ll face waves of opponents. After the end of each wave, you’ll encounter a boss battle.


You can upgrade the tortoise’s armor, health, and weapons by leveling up. Comparatively, the current version of the game has perks enabled. There are two forms of money in the game dollars and war gems; war gems are hard to come by; hence they should be used properly. As a result, real money is used to buy war gems in-game to replenish full health during battle and energy.

The game becomes repetitive after hours of gameplay; the manual movement of the tortoise would have been better than automatic movement because the game isn’t skill-based but rather a strategic one, and sitting behind the screen for enemies to show up is repetitive.

War Tortoise 2 is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.