Total Party Kill Review - A Perfect Mobile Game

Total Party Kill is a 2D Puzzler Developed by 'Adventure Islands'. The game provides for a very unique gameplay, unlike any other similar games. In Total Party Kill, there is an archer, a wizard and a warrior who has to escape a dungeon which is full of traps. In the game, you have to sacrifice some of your companions to move forward, which is something I personally found very unique and fun.

The controls of Total Party Kill Game are very simple. On the left side of your screen, you will find the movement buttons and on the right side, you will find the rest of the stuff - Jump and all other action buttons. And there is also a button in the middle which lets you switch between characters (Which helps you in deciding whom to kill :p).


If you want to win the stages in Total Party Kill, there is one thing which you have to keep in mind, that how can you use each of your characters. Every characters posses a special skill, you should know when to use which character and when to sacrifice which. As at the end of the game you have to help only 1 character to clear the stage to win.

In Simple Words, It Is the Most Simple and Fun loving Game You Can Find Today!

Mobile Mode Gaming

Overall Total Party Kill is a complete package, it is indeed a perfect mobile game, this is the game which you should keep on your Smartphone to play between classes or when you are waiting for the bus, however, my only complain is there are way too many ads in the game, if the developers could have used any other monetization strategy, that would have been much better. So that's it for the Total Party Kill Review, now it's your time to Download and play the game.