Dauntless Arcade Game By ISOL Games: Beginners’ Guide, Tips & Tricks

Dauntless is a free-to-play arcade game by ISOL GAMES in which you have to slay the monsters to farm resources and other materials. You can even upgrade your gear to be able to fight even bigger and dealer battles. You’ll encounter a variety of Behemoths, and before you face those deadly monsters with your over-sized weapons, go through the following points to make your initial hours less daunting, indeed!


Know Your Weapon

As this game is all about hunting down the monsters, I’m sure you will resist it doing bare hands. You require mega weapons to take down the Behemoths, and as the game has numerous of them, it’s worth giving a try to each one of them. You can choose your ideal weapon that will match your gameplay and eventually aid your hunting skills.

Different weapons have special abilities against particular bosses. It would be better to get your hands on a few of them so that you can switch between them and take down the Behemoths. The sooner you use the weapon, the better you become.

Better Armour & Weapons

You can customize your gear to suit your needs. Cells are the items that provide you Perks after you attach them to your weapons and other gear. Basically, you have a lot of different cells that belong to 5 categories- Defence, Mobility, Power, Utility, or Technique.

In the beginning, your primary source of obtaining these cells is through cores. You just need to complete quests and use the core, thus obtained in Ramsgate, to reveal the cells contained in it, though the perks you receive are random.

Keep in mind that stacking similar kinds of cells in a single weapon will increase the benefit that you will receive from it (maximum by +6). Later on in the game, you would be able to buy the cells and combine the existing ones to make them more threatening for those monsters.

Peep on the Danger Meter

Many a time, you will observe a number glowing at the top right corner of your screen, ever wondered what it is? That’s the Danger Meter and will gradually increase automatically during your hunt. You can’t do much about it, but you can control the speed of it.

Taking a hell lot of damage from a Behemoth will speed it up and thus snatching your ability to revive a teammate. Moreover, the Danger Meter will drop when you are reviving your wounded teammate as it provides a chance to Behemoth to flee from your sight. So try not to take much damage, revive teammates quickly and hunt down the Behemoth to complete the mission.

Make Use of the Aether Utilities

While you are out on a hunt, you’ll observe the orbs of Aether scattered around the area. If you activate or run over them, they will provide you an abrupt volley of speed for a limited time. This boost comes in handy whenever you are searching for Behemoths in a large area. 

Aether Lifts are also valuable as they will launch you high in the air and thus allow you to grab and reach the high cliffs or to cover large distances in less time. You can easily locate them as they look like small fountains that are dotted around the area.

Aether Vent is a limited supply of healing factor during your encounter with the Behemoth. It helps you to save your heal potions for emergencies and can be activated by holding ‘E.’

Farming and Collecting

Once you are progressed enough in the game and completed the ‘City on the Verge’ quest, you will unlock Patrols. Each patrol will reward you with a total of 10 orbs, depending upon the type of patrol you went for- Blaze Patrol will provide you ten Blaze orbs. Orbs are obliged to craft the weapons and upgrade your gear. This all depends upon the type of orb you are summoning for the up-gradation process. 

If you got stuck in important work and wasn’t able to log in for a few days, don’t worry! Patrol bonuses roll over to the following day and can stack up to 6 days of continuous bonuses.

Dauntless is available for both Android and iOS devices on Google Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.