Orbia - How to Play and Get Free Crystals

Do you want to play a mobile game that tests your patience as well as tickles your brain with some strategic gameplay? You might want to play a game that challenges your intuition? Orbia should be the game for you.


Orbia is a mobile game designed with a very simple objective - get your orb to the end of each map. And while the objective is simple and easy, don't let it fool you. Orbia entails a lot of patience, strategy, and focus on your part as a player for you to finish each map with the highest score.

The game is deceptive with its simplicity, so it can be challenging to get through to each map. Check out the guide below if you want to learn more about the game, how to download it, how to get free crystals, and a few tips and tricks.

  • Patience Is Vital
  • Tips on How You Can Collect Crystals for Free
  • Buy a New Skin Whenever Possible
  • What Happens If You Can’t Get to the End of the Map?
Orbia - How to Play and Get Free Crystals
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Patience Is Vital

If there is one game that will require a lot of patience for you to play, it's Orbia. This is just one of the many mobile games that will test your patience with its gameplay.

Orbia - How to Play and Get Free Crystals
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To play Orbia, you need to work through different maps by landing from one spot to another while also trying to dodge shadow monsters that encircle the spot you want to land on.

You might think this is an easy game to play with its very simple goal but the mechanics you need make Orbia far more interesting and challenging. As the shadow monsters revolve around the spot, you will need to time yourself perfectly to avoid hitting them.

This takes a lot of patience and a lot of proper timing to execute perfectly. This game will surely teach you how to take the shot at the right time so prepare yourself.

Learn to Trust Your Gut

While the game does require you to have proper timing, accuracy, and extended patience, this is also a game where you need to trust your gut. Having the confidence to decide to launch your orb to the spot you want takes practice and a lot of intuition.

In this game, you need to trust your intuition. Orbia requires a lot of intuition since you will be making decisions on the fly. Most of the time, you need to determine whether you want to launch now or wait until it is much safer to do so but at the risk of losing precious time.

This is why it is always appropriate that you trust your gut when it comes to making these critical decisions in the game. Don't worry too much if you fail. You always have another chance to finish each map.

Tips on How You Can Collect Crystals for Free

You should notice by now that every time you go through a themed map, crystals are waiting to be collected as you jump from one spot to another. These crystals have immense value in the game and are very useful to you as a player.

Orbia - How to Play and Get Free Crystals
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These crystals are very easy to get, and the best way to do it is to play the game. Never miss a single crystal when you're playing the game as it is very critical for you to have them especially if you're aiming to go to the higher levels.

With each crystal that you collect, you get the chance to purchase new skins and colors for your orb which is also very important in the game.

Another reason why you need to collect as many crystals as possible is that they are also used to unlock more maps in the game. New maps offer new challenges and with them, more crystals to collect. Remember, the more crystals you collect, the more you open the game up for more possibilities.

Complete Daily Quests and Earn the Rewards

Another way to get crystals in Orbia is to complete the daily quests. Daily quests refresh every day, and you can do them every time you log in to the game. Most of the time, these daily quests require you to finish a certain map in the game or collect several points in the game.

You can then receive rewards such as presents that contain crystals to use to purchase all the items that you need in the game. Make sure that you finish all the daily quests within 24 hours or else they will refresh and you will have to start all over again.

The best way to complete the daily quests is to do all of them at the start of the day and check to see if you have missed some before you log out of the game.

Buy a New Skin Whenever Possible

Speaking of crystals, every player must know the importance of having a new skin in the game. Skins are not just cosmetic items that will help make your orb look more beautiful.

Orbia - How to Play and Get Free Crystals
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They also provide a hefty boost of stats as well as bonuses that will help you traverse through the map quickly. Each skin has its own set of stats such as additional health and so on but here's where things become more strategic.

Most of the skins also have reducers that directly affect the enemies surrounding you. Some skins reduce the enemy's movement speed, thus giving you more chances of jumping from one spot to another much easier.

Other skins help increase your dash speed. These skins are very helpful, especially in higher levels since the enemies are much more difficult and challenging at this point. You can use your crystals to purchase these skins or you can use real money.

Get to the Next Checkpoint as Fast as Possible

Each map has different landing spots and enemies to contend with, but there are also certain points in the map called checkpoints that will help you finish each map faster. If you land on a spot that has numbers in it, that is a checkpoint.

A checkpoint will be your saving spot so whenever you die, you don't have to start all over again. You're immediately teleported back to the latest checkpoint that you have landed on and get back to finishing the map.

This is such a relief, especially if you have gone through some difficult areas on the map. Remember to always land on these checkpoints when you see them. It will save you a ton of time when playing the game.

What Happens If You Can’t Get to the End of the Map?

A lot of players will understand this predicament when they reach the higher levels of the game or if they unlock a challenging map. As you go through the game, the levels become more and more challenging which is understandable from a gameplay standpoint.

Orbia - How to Play and Get Free Crystals
Image Source: EmulatorPC

Players will find it difficult to traverse the map as the monsters and other enemies pose challenging barricades for you to get to. This can become too difficult for players and you might end up stuck playing the same map every time.

Fortunately, there is an option within each map that allows you to reshuffle the enemy patterns. You can tap the reshuffle option and it will change the pattern and attributes of the enemy.

Take advantage of this, but also know this option can only be used a few times. So make good use of it when you do choose to use it.

Make Good Use of Boosters to Help You through the Map

Apart from the reshuffle option, some boosters will help you get to the end of each map. There are instances that the reshuffle option can be useful but if you think that it is too much of a risk, you can always choose to use boosters instead.

Boosters are scattered all over the map. Be careful though as they can disappear just as you are about to get to them. These boosters help increase your movement speed, let you dash forward so you can get to the landing spot, or let you through the enemy barricade.

Some boosters add a little bit of shield to your orb while others help slow down the enemies from moving. Use these boosters whenever you are stuck in a predicament.


Orbia is a mobile game that lets you master your patience, accuracy, strategy, and focus. While the gameplay might be simple to understand, its game mechanics is what makes Orbia very addicting to play. Learn to strategize your moves and you get to finish each map very quickly.

Make sure to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to have a better experience. Download Orbia for all mobile devices from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today!