FRAG Pro Shooter: Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks

FRAG: Pro Shooter is the brand new multiplayer shooter game that recently hit your mobile devices (Android and iOS). This third-person shooter game allows you to shoot your opponents and even take covers for defense. You have to march forward and kill the enemies to win the game.

To help you through, we have collected some of the guidelines that can improve your gameplay and will help you to pull off some pro tricks.


Think Out of the Box

Mastering your abilities is a great practice. This will help you to win battles against many experienced opponents in FRAG Pro Shooter. The different characters have special abilities that can be used during the ongoing battles and always keep in mind timing is the key. For instance, the Big Paku's ability doesn't require any ammo and can be used instantly, so it will save your life when you are out of ammo or reloading. Also, try using your ability before your opponents, as it will give you an upper hand.

It's not always about damage; sometimes, you must keep a check over your hit points, your opponent's health, and even how much ammo you have left with before reloading. Try to reload while relocating or while in the cover. Don't give your enemies a chance to shoot while you are busy reloading.


Observe the Minimap

Minimap provides you a live-time overview of the ongoing game. You can know if your teammates are indulged in any fight. It allows you to understand whether an enemy is rushing towards you and which teammates are around you for cover fire. Also remember, once your character dies, you can view the complete map by clicking on the Minimap. This will help you to be prepared for the area in which you are about to respawn. Otherwise, you might end up landing on a character in a dangerous area. So make sure to keep an eye on the Minimap.

Don't Waste the Resources

You don't have enough resources to upgrade your each and every character of the team, the amount of gold coins you require to upgrade your character gets very high. As higher-level characters have better stats, you will need them to beat experienced players. You can always decide what characters you want to upgrade by testing them in the training mode. Time is the most crucial resource, as you will have to wait to get rewards and eventually perform other activities.

Manage Your Arena Chests

The rewards system in FRAG Pro Shooter is very simple. Basically, you have four chest slots on the home page, which means you can store up to 4 chests at a time. But, you can only choose one for the unlocking process and can watch some ads to reduce the processing time. Once you unlock a chest, start up the unlock time for another, and while you are waiting for that second chest to open, go and battle to fill up the slot for the first one. Performing this will benefit you with great rewards like gold, diamonds, and hero cards.


Don't Forget about the Objectives

This game is all about having fun and destroying objectives after killing the enemies. There are three objectives on the map, two are present in the bunkers, and the third one is on the top of the tower (at the end of the map). The exciting thing is that you get more points by destroying enemy objectives rather than killing them. So, I would recommend you empty your single magazine over the objectives as it will provide you a lot of points. But be sure to have a check of surroundings before attacking as you are very vulnerable when your complete focus is on the target.

FRAG Pro Shooter is available as a free title on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.