Impossible Bottles Is An Upcoming Rhythm Game For Mobile Devices

Impossible Bottles is a rhythm game where a scientist provides an Eco-friendly way to deal with the Global Energy Crisis. The aim is to provide electricity through robots by syncing their feet to the beat.


Each robot represents a decade of music starting from 1960 to 2050 which is the period in which the game is set. You will be controlling the robot by using electricity streams and syncing it with the music so that it can deliver maximum output. If you fail in doing so the robots are in great danger of being destroyed.


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Impossible Bottles has two modes, Story and Arcade. The player can choose any robot in arcade mode which has already unlocked in the story mode. As you progress further the intensity of music will increase and you will have to give out more output from the machine.

Impossible Bottles is still in development and will be out for Android and iOS devices somewhere in 2020.

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