Call of Duty Mobile: List of All Ranks

Hello, Call of Duty Mobile Players, Today in this post we are going to discuss about the Rank System in the game. Call of Duty Mobile Follows a Ranking system, which means depending on the performance of the players, they are divided into various tiers.

We know that the ranking system in the game is a bit confusing, especially for the new players, they will face problems while trying to understand it. Thus, we have brought this post on Call of Duty Mobile Ranks which will explain everything to you. But firstly let's learn about how many ranks are there in Call of Duty Mobile.


Here is the list of All Ranks in Call of Duty Mobile Game:

  1. Rookie ( Rookie I – Rookie II – Rookie III )
  2. Veteran ( Veteran I - Veteran II - Veteran III )
  3. Elite ( Elite I – Elite II – Elite III )
  4. Pro ( Pro I – Pro II – Pro III - Pro IV )
  5. Master ( Master I – Master II – Master III – Master IV – Master V )
  6. Legendary

In The Call of Duty Mobile Ranking System, A new player begins his journey from Rookie I and slowly keeps moving to higher ranks by earning rank points when he performs well in a match.

The Highest Rank in Call of Duty Mobile is Legendary. Only Top 10 Player of a server will get this Legendary title. So Basically you guys can say that the Highest Rank in the game is Master IV and The top 10 Players in Master IV Ranks will be given the Legendary title.

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We hope after going through this article you have learned everything about the ranking system in Call of Duty Mobile. So now let us know in the Comment Section below at what rank are you guys are in COD Mobile?