Naruto: Slugfest Gets Second Beta Test: Download Now

After the last beta test at the starting of this month, HYDROGEN HAPPY LIMITED decided to end the year on a high and came up with a surprise for players with a parting gift at the end of the year with a second beta test of Naruto: slugfest. This is going to be great news for anime lovers.


The bets test period is 2019/12/27-2019/12/31 12:00 (UTC+1) and all the data will be deleted aster the test. The test regions are North America, Europe, and South Africa but even if you are not from any of the regions, you can still play the beta version. There is no need for any VPN, it directly connects to you server even if you are not from the above regions.

(Note: If you face the issue of high ping, use any VPN or Game Booster)

To provide the best gaming experience at the time of the final release, developers are taking the assistance of players by filling in a questionnaire. If you are facing problems like lag, high ping, etc. you can fill the questionnaire through the following link:

Click here to Download Naruto: Slugfest Beta Test

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