Crazy Shapes Game Review: Get In Shape & Save The Planet

There is no doubt that Rogue Games always brings some addictive games and Crazy Shapes is one of them in which the crazy shapes are literally running, gliding and jumping. This small adventure land gets super addictive where you will play with different shapes. It is usually a runner game in a landscape mode but here it follows a story which you will see throughout the game. The game is both online and offline mode only some functions need requires a connection. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Let’s find more about these shapes in this game review.

Your adventure starts in the geometric world. Where geometric life forms exist in harmony. But bad guys are everywhere, even in this small world who want to rule their planets. You will help the guardians of shapes to protect their planet. Defend them against Lord of Chaos and save shapes and magic animals. Your main objective is to take portals control in your hands from the Chaos and your goal is to reach this portal to complete the level and land onto the next. The game is simple all you have to do is run, run, run and reach the portal. Swipe left, right, up, down to transform the shapes into another. Collect suns as a point. You will be unlocking many geometric cubical shapes in the midst of your run with different abilities to pass by the blockers without a hitch. The game is not full of challenges, the only challenge you will find is to remember the swipe to change the shapes according to the hurdles. Rewards will be rewarded at the end of the level depending on your performance. Hidden bonuses are also there which help to buy a variety of things from the shop.

During the game, you will get lots of solar, stars, crystals and power-ups which help cubical cueb to give a boost which is otherwise going to get slow as soon as it launched. There is artifact which will transform you into different shapes as the level goes up. It is not hard to level-up the game which makes it fun and motivate to run further. Players can also go for the daily challenge to collect sun, crystals and super rewards. You are playing as a Cuebit but can change your avatar as soon as you unlock other shapes and magical animals.

The graphics and sound of the game are tempting. However, the story and the game is interesting and attractive to play, jumping from one planet to another but the character moves slowly. As it takes so much power to make this cubical cueb run faster in this exciting ambiance. You cannot change its direction and speed so all you have to concentrate is on the transformation without losing a life or else you have to restart the level. 

Overall the game is good where there is no age restriction, every ager would enjoy this. There is no controls headache, all it is needed is your one thumb to swipe up, down, right, left. The only thing is after sometimes it gets little fuzzy doing the same thing again and again. It surely has a story angle but still, level should be upgraded for good. You can now join the cubical Cuebit adventure on — Google Play Store & iOS Appstore.