Solo Knight Game Review

Solo Knight by Shimmer Games is an RPG where little boy alone fight with the dungeons and defeat their bosses. It is set in the dark fantasy world of the cliff where you will be fighting with monsters, which is remarkably made. There is no other human you could find here only this small little knight roaming and fighting and you have to help him by not letting him die. The game offers in-app purchases. As the game is in the development mode it does not have any multiplayer option for now. It is available for android devices only. Let’s find more about this Knight’s adventure in this game review.

The game objective is simple to kill the monsters on each floor and come face to face with the monstrous boss and defeat it. To make the knight win against monsters you have to tap on the ground to move him, provide him weapons which he will gain while moving ahead on floors, as he has a limited lifeline to make sure that he doesn’t get killed. After defeating monsters from one floor you go to the next floor. There are various weapons with different powers that you have to use wisely to kill the enemies. Well, you don’t have to do much as the solo knight is quite smart he is on his own, all you have to do is to equip him with different weapons with different powers.

The graphics are pretty decent the, knight character is beautifully made and so is cute, chubby and evil monsters. Boss mode start with Purge music make you attentive as this is the time to save your neck. The interesting thing in the game is you have to get unlock various types of equipment like armor, helmet, cloaks, shoes, bow and many more things which makes the game interesting and also helps the character to move ahead without any problem. Although, the weapons armor information not very descriptive so you have to try and find their uses, that what and why they are made for. Also, there is a power-up option for the equipment, you have to throw the material you don’t need, in a furnace to upgrade weapon skill. It’s smooth gameplay as you don’t have to do much. After sometime it gets too much as the floor becomes repetitive. The game is beautifully made that it feels more like watching a dark fantasy movie than playing a game.

Overall, the game is good and interesting to play. Just you have to set your device brightness high as it is placed in too dark fantasy world that you couldn’t see coming monsters. There is a language problem in-app so you could go lost in translation. It runs only in online mode. It takes little time to load the game but once you entered your journey in the world of monsters will start. You can download Solo Knight from — Google Playstore.