Vainglory Game Review

If you are looking for a thrilling multiplayer game then this one is definitely for you. Vainglory is a free to play cross-platform MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with the strategic depth giving out the subgenre of real-time strategy, in which a player controls a single character in a team who compete versus another team of players. It is developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp for iOS, Android and PC. It let you play with your friends and match up with players around the world on desktop or mobile.


In this game, two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy’s base while defending their own in a tug of war for control over three paths, the lanes, which connect the bases. In addition, there are jungles between the lanes, which contain creatures that can be killed or captured by the player. This game is totally strategical based hence win or lose depends on the gameplay of the player.

In Vainglory, teams have five players who each control an avatar, known as a hero. There are 52 hero options available to the player with different abilities and characteristics which can be unlocked by the glory. This hero is summoned by the player from their own device. You can also unlock various skins of the heroes by various collectibles. Weaker computer-controlled characters, called minions, spawn at team bases and follow the lanes to the opposite team’s base, fighting enemies and follow up the heroes. Lining the lanes are turret towers that repel the flow of minions and enemy heroes hence play a role as an obstacle. The player’s objective is to destroy the enemy turrets and ultimately the Vain crystal in the enemy team’s base. The team which destroys the Vain crystal of the opposing team wins the game.

The player can earn stars and mastery points on heroes by playing matches with them. By playing any match, you can win hero mastery points. The first star of hero mastery is unlocked at 1100 hero mastery points. When a match starts, other players can see your hero mastery in the loading screen.  All matches give you points as rewards, but standard 3v3 and 5v5 give you bonus points. Note that you will receive the same points as a reward even if you lose or win which is quite attractive for the players. Vainglory is available to download both on Appstore and Playstore.