Amon Amarth Is Releasing It's Mobile Game 'Berserker' This February 2020

Amond Amarth, the famous Swedish metal band, has announced to release a mobile game titled 'Berserker' in collaboration with Ride & crash Games AB. Berserker is going to be a mini-adventure game set on the shores of England. You will play as Thor in the game where you will have to defeat four types of ferocious enemy and overcome a might boss to free England and host your victory flag.


Amond Amarth announced that it's upcoming mobile game Berserker will released for both Android and iOS players on this 21st February 2020. Player can Pre-Register for the game via this link.

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Unfortunately, the game won't be free to play; instead, it will cost you $4 from your pockets to try this game. So grab your hammer and horned helmet and be prepared to crush your enemies in this upcoming mobile game set in the Amon Amarth's game universe.