Auto Chess Game Review – It’s You vs 7 Others

Auto Games are new Battle Genre – A unique mixture of Tower Defense and Battle Royale. The most recent fascination towards this genre can be attributed to the Auto Chess developed by Dragonest Game. And today in this post we are going to share with you guys a Detailed Review of Auto Chess Mobile Game.


It got a lot of attention from popular streamers who were looking for something different. The basics are simple: You have to create a team of your heroes, deploy them on your creative game board like chess boxes, and watch them battle on their own. The results are determined based on the stats of your heroes against that of the opponent. The winner is the one retaining the maximum health. This game is an automatic battle, thus the name!

Much like Tower Defence, if you win, you get the gold. If you lose, you die alongside reducing a lot of health too. In each game, you take seven other players each round facing off against the different ones in the auto-battle. The game ends when only one player has the health reduced to zero – last man standing. The heroes that you can build your team from are made from random giving a deck build of field. However, the heroes on your team are only there for that particular match only.

Each hero has unique stats and abilities but how they synergize is very important. Heroes of the same race and class get bonuses. Synergies are a powerful way to build out a strong team. So, it’s very important to have those heroes that make correct combinations. You need to have enough money to buy new heroes, have bought the right heroes to win rounds to build more money, also have enough health so that you can even afford to lose. Buy enough levels to put your all heroes on the board at once.

The most unique feature about this game are the bots with which you can play at your own pace and time. Team fight tactics are superb in this game. For example, it has a share drop phase where each remaining player picks from a rotating pool of heroes, all at the same time. It is a fantastic catchup cycle, as the one having less health picks the drop first. Team fight tactics don’t let you know more about heroes until they are in your team. That’s a major flaw. A "luck" also plays an important factor in the game.

The in-app purchases are very expensive and there will be a stage where you will be forced to buy credits. Unlike other games, here, you don’t have to wait for a longer time to shift to the next level. The graphics are great as the characters and the animation give you a realistic experience. The game size is 54 MB and runs on all the operating systems above 4 GB RAM. However, since this game is super addictive, it will drain a larger fraction of your battery. Auto Chess Mobile is available to download from the Play Store.