Jelly Shift Review - Simple Yet Challenging

Jelly Shift is super fun casual game which is developed by SayGames. In the game players get to control a blob of jelly as it slides through loads of levels. In this unique new casual game, your job is to change the shape of the jelly to avoid the obstacles on your path.


The controls of the game are very well adapted for the touch screen devices, and you have to simply slide down your finger to make the jelly shorter and wider and slide down your finger to make it taller and thinner. Keep sliding your finger until you get the perfect shape to avoid the obstacle and reach to the finish line.


It's Time for Jelly Shift and Chill!

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In Jelly Shift the first few levels are pretty simple and easy, however, don't take this for granted as the level increase, it gets tougher and tougher. Overall the game is pretty good and if you are tired of Actions games, then Jelly Shift is the change you need. The game is simple yet challenging and the best thing is that the game works on almost all the devices even with way old hardware.

Jelly Shift is officially available to Download both on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, You should definitely download this casual fun game and try it once.