PUBG Mobile Is Going To Make Changes In Game After COD Mobile Beta Release

Hello Battle Royale Game lovers, as we all know that Call of Duty developers in collaboration with Tencent Games, have made the Mobile version of one of the most popular PC game, Call of Duty. Beta testing of the Call of Duty Mobile has already started & it is widely believed that after the global launch of this game, it will be very problematic for PUBG Mobile, which is currently the most popular Mobile Battle Royale Game right now.


COD Mobile is providing more good features than PUBG Mobile and therefore it will snatch away the players from PUBG Mobile to it's own side. So to fight for the players and to secure it's top position, PUBG Mobile is going to update it's game and add some new features as well.

Here are Some of the Upcoming Features in PUBG Mobile Game:

1. Team Deathmatch

PUBG Mobile is going to add Team Deathmatch in the game. If you have played CoDM beta version then you have already experienced this mode. In this mode two teams fight against each other, in which they have to kill the opponent team players, at the end, team with the highest number of kills win the match. In CoDM each team consists 5 players, so it happens 5v5 in Team Deathmatch Mode. But in the PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode there will be only 4 players in each team, so it will be 4v4. So the 4 players will fight against the another 4 players and at the end team with the highest number of kills will win the match.

Image result for pubg mobile team deathmatch
2. Ultra HD Graphics

PUBG Mobile is going to add Ultra HD Graphics in the game. The option of choosing Ultra HD graphics was added in the PUBG Mobile much earlier but this option was disabled, or in other words, it was just to show that there is Ultra HD graphics also in the game, but no one was allowed to choose this feature, so developers is going to enable this feature in the game. Because there is an option of Ultra HD graphics in the CoD Mobile, so to compete with that PUBG Mobile is also going to introduce this feature.

3. Switch TPP-FPP/FPP-TPP:

CoD Mobile provides the players an option of changing the mode from FPP to TPP or TPP to FPP in between the game. Using this option players can switch between the FPP and TPP mode in between the game according to their comfort. So PUBG Mobile is also going to introduce this feature in the game.

4. New Map

There is a leaked information that the developers of PUBG Mobile is going to add a new Map in the game very soon. But it is not known to us that what is the name of this map and What kind of map it will be, but sources says that it will definitely be at the 2nd place in players favorite map list just after the Erangel map. But according to us the new Map may be "Venezia" about which the detailed information can be found here.

Stay tuned for the latest PUBG Mobile update! and If you haven't tried Call of Duty Mobile yet, Then Download & play COD Mobile right now!