Antistress - How to Get Coins

Do you ever find yourself suffering from high-stress situations lately? I have the perfect solution that will help you feel much better—the Antistress game.


Antistress is a mobile game developed by JindoBlue. The mobile game compiles several simple yet effective mini-games that help relieve stress and lower anxiety levels.

There are so many things to talk about with this game. In this article, I'll tell you more about the game, how stress affects your health, how to earn coins, how to unlock features, and more.

  • What Antistress Is All About
  • How Stress Affects Your Health
  • Helping You Achieve Stress Relief
  • Unlocking Exclusive Games and Features
  • Even More Mini-Games and Features
  • How to Get Coins
Antistress - How to Get Coins
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What Antistress Is All About

Antistress is a compilation of simple mobile games that aims to help you relieve stress through gaming. Research has shown that playing games does relieve stress.

Antistress - How to Get Coins
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With Antistress, I find relaxation and relief from stress. There are a lot of games that I will be discussing later on that have proven to be very helpful in reducing anxiety and stress levels for me. 

The games are great at distracting me from stressful thoughts which often lead to anxiety. From something as simple as a bamboo chime to playing with wooden boxes, Antistress has all the games I need to help me find my inner peace. 

I suggest you check out the rundown on my favorite games below.

Downloading Antistress

Before discussing the mini-games available on the app, let me first tell you how to download the game and what to expect. Antistress is available for all mobile devices including Android and iOS. 

Launch either the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for the app title Antistress- relaxation toys made by JindoBlu. Tap Install to begin downloading the game and wait until it is fully installed. 

You may want to support the game through in-app purchases so I suggest that you set up your payment method while the game is downloading. Once the game is installed on your mobile device, tap Open to launch the app and start playing games.

How Stress Affects Your Health

You may not notice it at first but stress may be the reason why you're not as healthy as you might think. Stress affects our health in many ways. 

Antistress - How to Get Coins
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Some experience frequent headaches while others suffer from insomnia. Others are affected in their work lives by decreased productivity. 

Stress that is left unchecked or unresolved can lead to even worse conditions that will last a very long time. Some of these include high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Playing Games to Relieve Stress

There is a connection between stress and gaming. It is a positive connection as gaming is a good way to relieve stress. However, gaming can also be a double-edged sword with its ability to create stress in players. 

This is the reason why I highly recommend that you try to look for a mobile game that will help you relieve stress and eliminate any diseases or ailments that you might have to suffer from later on. 

Playing games is a known option to relieve stress and enjoy the experience, especially with friends. But, I also enjoy playing games by myself with a simple game such as Antistress.

Helping You Achieve Stress Relief

One of my favorite mini-games within Antistress is the bamboo chime. It is a very simple mini-game that I always use whenever I feel like I want to be at peace with myself. 

Antistress - How to Get Coins
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All I do is open the app and select the bamboo chime mini-game and tap the chime on the screen. It creates a very soothing sound as the bamboo hits each other. The mini-game also features background sounds such as chirping birds. 

The decorative background brings a very calming and unnerving experience which adds to the stress-relieving effect of the mini-game. 

Whenever I play this mini-game, it only takes me a few minutes before I calm down and feel relaxed. This is one of the mini-games that I highly suggest you try out first when you download the game.

Get the Relaxing Tropical Experience

Another mini-game that I highly recommend especially if you want a relaxing tropical experience is the tropical drink mini-game. You'll notice a glass with ice cubes and lemon on the main screen. 

Tap it and you'll immediately get introduced to a whole new experience even when you're just in your living room. All I need to do is to play with the ice cube and the lemon slice. 

Whether I put all the ice cubes in the glass or splash the liquid everywhere, I'm treated to a very calming experience. What I truly love about this mini-game is the sound of the waves in the background. It brings me to a tropical beach somewhere and it soothes my soul from the moment the game starts.

Unlocking Exclusive Games and Features

Apart from the mini-games, there are also other features on the app that need to be unlocked first. I'll tell you how to unlock these features below when you learn how to get coins. 

Antistress - How to Get Coins
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These features are called Quiet Games. Quiet Games are still mini-games but the difference between them and the other games on the app is they're aimed to create a very tranquil atmosphere

Some of the mini-games featured as part of the Quiet Games include mini-games where I shuffle through a stack of envelopes to find one that has a heart in it or another mini-game where I break wine glasses and wine bottles with a wooden ball. 

The sounds and the entire experience are very cathartic especially when I feel angry or if I feel the need to release all of my pent-up emotions.

Calm Yourself with Proper Breathing

Speaking of a tranquil experience, there is also another feature that can be unlocked on the app. The feature I'm talking about is the breathing exercise feature

This feature helps me breathe properly to help me calm down especially during a high-stress experience. It teaches me when to breathe in and breathe out. It is timed perfectly with soothing music playing in the background. 

I can also increase the volume of the background music to help intensify the relieving experience. There are still so many features waiting to be unlocked in the game that there's not enough time for me to play them all. 

Even More Mini-Games and Features

There are still so many mini-games within Antistress that I can play. The app even includes an aquarium where I can feed all the fish and watch them calmly swim around to eat. 

There are also fidget toys such as the pop fidget which is oddly very calming. It is very similar to popping bubble wrap.  In addition, the fidget spinner distracts me from stressful situations and reduces my anxiety. 

If I want to discover new mini-games, I can just tap the box at the bottom left portion of the screen and let the game choose which mini-game is best for me at the moment.

Create a Tranquilizing Experience

Lastly, Antistress has white noise features where I get to play a range of sounds to help me calm down. There's a rain sound or a flowing water sound that are both very relaxing. 

I can even play all the featured sounds together to create a wonderful tranquilizing experience. I often use this whenever I am about to sleep. WIth this soothing feature, I find myself falling asleep much faster.

How to Get Coins

Unlocking more games and features in Antistress is easy. All you need to do is learn how to get coins. The best way to earn coins is to use real money to unlock the features. 

Antistress - How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

However, if you don't want to spend your money on the game, you can do it the way I do. I often unlock certain mini-games and features by watching ads

These are short 30-second ads that don't take a lot of time so I don't mind watching them or leaving them on while I do something else. When I return to the normal app, the mini-game is already unlocked and ready to be played. 

There are so many features waiting to be unlocked so go ahead and use those coins or watch some ads if you have a specific mini-game that you want to play.

Constantly Updated

Another great reason to download and play Antistress is its constant updates. The developers mentioned that they will be updating the app every two weeks. This means that they will also be adding more mini-games so we get to choose which ones will help us feel better. 

The fresh content helps keep things from going stale especially when you want to try something new to help with stress relief. It's another feature that I cannot find in any other app apart from Antistress. 

This alone makes Antistress a better app to download than many others out there.


For those who are constantly under heavy stress, I suggest that you find an outlet to help you deal with stress. I recommend downloading Antistress to help you find relief from stress before it is too late. 

Overall, the game delivers content that is both fresh and unique. As there are many other games that cause stress, you should take advantage of this stress-relieving option!