WoW Classic Battlegrounds Are Here! Alterac Valley Guide

Battlegrounds have come to Classic WoW and that means it’s time to get yourself ready to fight your enemies in an epic battle to claim victory for your faction! Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Alterac Valley. 

What Is Alterac Valley and How Do I Join?

Alterac Valley is a 40v40 battleground instance for players level 51-60. Alterac Valley is unique among the three battlegrounds in Classic WoW due to its combined PvP and PvE nature. Players will have to fight enemy faction players in all-out brawls, but they also fight enemy faction NPCs. Players can queue up for the battleground by talking to a Battlemaster in any city, or by visiting the instance location in Alterac Mountains. 


How To Win Alterac Valley

To win the battleground, your team needs to defeat the enemy faction general. For alliance, the general is Vanndar Stormpike, and horde's general is Drek'Thar. The generals are both elites, but what makes the takedown even harder is that the generals are guarded by other elite mobs. You can reduce the number of elites you need to fight by destroying enemy bunkers which will despawn the elites guarding the general. Just make sure you clear your diary if you enter this battleground. The battle can last indefinitely if neither team manages to secure a kill on the enemy general. 

Tips and Tricks:

Do The Quests

There are a bunch of quests available for Alterac Valley. Some of these are personal quests, such as the questline that grants you a PvP Trinket, and others are group quests. The rewards you get from completing quests in the battleground are great for both PvP and PvE, especially for players below level 60. 

Avoid The Alliance Bridge Death Zone

If you're playing horde, you'll need to get into the Alliance base to kill the Alliance General. This is also true for Alliance players getting into the Horde base, however, Horde has a distinct disadvantage here. The geographical placement of the Alliance base means that Horde players become bottlenecked over a thin bridge that is then bombarded with arrows from Alliance ranged NPCs, so it's common to see horde bones littering the bridge. The only way to avoid this is to wall jump onto the wall that runs alongside the bridge to avoid it entirely. 


Have The Right Gear

Having strong gear can swing the fight in your favor in 1v1 battles and mean you can hold on to bases long enough to burn them down, so good gear shouldn't be underestimated. Getting good bind-on-equip items will set you back a considerable amount of WoW Classic Gold, but it's worth the investment. If you're running low on Gold or saving up to buy your epic mount at level 60, you can always supplement your purse by buying WoW Classic Gold cheap

Recap Bases

If one of your nodes gets captured, don't just resign yourself to defeat, get out on the field, and recap it. It takes around 5 minutes for the base to burn down after it has been capped, so that's a whole 5 minutes to go and recapture it for your team. 

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