PUBG Mobile: Stress Booster Or Stress Reliever?

It is more than two months since the lockdown, and every person is doing something for their entertainment. And when we talk about entertainment, video games play an important role in it. And in this category, PUBG Mobile is a name that we all are aware of.


As of 2019, PUBG Mobile has reached 555 million players worldwide. The mobile game’s largest markets are India, with 116 million(21%) downloads, China with 108 million(19%) downloads, and the United States with 42 million(8%) downloads. And lockdown has further boosted these numbers.

Why PUBG Mobile is so popular?

This game has some great features, which makes it the most popular game in the world. In this game, you can fight against real players; you can make your squad. This game has excellent graphics and offers many modes like classic, arcade, Evo ground, and many maps.

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Stress Booster OR Stress Reliever?

All over the world, people play games to remove their stress or for their entertainment, but when the game becomes more than the mode of entertainment for the people, then it itself starts to give anxiety.

As we can see in the images above, people take PUBG so seriously that they are even spending so much money on it. Some players have spent thousands of dollars to surpass their friends in the number of virtual outfits they can have in the game.

According to us, PUBG Mobile is no more just a source of entertainment, and it has become a competition where people grind and spend money to beat each other.


There is a famous quote: “Excess of everything is bad,” So if you are playing for entertainment and playing it for less time, then it works as a Stress Reliever, but if you take it too seriously and make it your whole life then it works as a Stress Booster. So, it all depends on you.

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