Learn How to Farm Money in Rebirth of Chaos

When it comes to mobile MMORPG, there's simply not enough content to pique my interest and keep me playing for hours and hours. However, I've recently discovered Rebirth of Chaos and it has changed my expectations of what a mobile MMORPG is. 


With many features waiting to be unlocked, Rebirth of Chaos is a game that lets you choose from a list of unique characters, level them up to make them stronger, and equip them with powerful items to take on bosses and other challenging monsters.

There are a lot of ways to make your character strong in Rebirth of Chaos. I'm going to tell you how you can do that as fast as possible, as well as learn how to get money, where to get the best gear, and more with my guide below.

  • Join an Active Guild as Soon as You Can
  • Play the Main Quest
  • Don't Stop Grinding to Farm for Money
  • Upgrade as Much as Possible
  • Where to Get the Best Gear
Learn How to Farm Money in Rebirth of Chaos
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Join an Active Guild as Soon as You Can

When I first played Rebirth of Chaos, there were so many things that popped up on the screen that it could be difficult to determine which to accomplish first. Of course, the tutorial should be the very first thing that should be completed. 

Learn How to Farm Money in Rebirth of Chaos
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Apart from that, I would advise new players in Rebirth of Chaos to join an active guild right away. Being on an active guild this early in the game can mean longevity. Active guilds provide more substantial benefits for your character in the long run. 

The active guild I've joined has provided me with bonus stats to go along with the gear and weapons I received from completing the few first quests. 

These stats will grow alongside your guild so be sure to participate in many guild functions and interact with them. I would even go as far as talking to them and joining them on their quests if they require it.

Get to Know Each Character

There are six characters introduced in Rebirth of Chaos. There are plans to add more but for now, these powerful characters are available at the start of the game. Each of these characters brings a unique play style so there's always something for everyone. 

First, we have the Swordsman who can tank damage while also dealing a good amount of it. Rosha is a control melee fighter that deals a lot of damage while the Mage has powerful control magic. The Archer provides good damage over time at a long range while Saber is an all-around fighter. 

Lastly, Diva is the newest character added to the game with a good mix of physical and magical damage. All six have different ways to play and it is up to you to find out which ones you feel have a similar play style as you.

Play the Main Quest

Now that you've been introduced to the many characters in Rebirth of Chaos, it is time for you to learn about how to get gold coins or money. 

Learn How to Farm Money in Rebirth of Chaos
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It is not an easy feat, and it will take a lot of time, but the best and most efficient way to earn a lot of money and rewards is by playing the main quest. The main quest is immediately available from the moment you enter the game. 

There are tons of quests to complete besides the main quest, including side quests, dailies, and events to help you earn money. One thing I like about playing the main quest is that it unlocks more features and content through progression. 

The more I level up, the more maps are unlocked and more dungeons to explore. Go ahead and check out the main quest and see where it will lead you.

Complete the Faction Quest to Earn More Gear

There's a reason why knowing where to get money is important in Rebirth of Chaos. It is mostly spent on purchasing the best gear possible. Having the best gear means being able to grind better and get to the higher levels much faster. 

However, that is not always easy to do. Questing is the primary way to earn money in this game and grinding comes second. After finishing the main quest, try to look for the faction quests and do those. 

The faction quests will depend on the character you've chosen. However, all characters will be rewarded with gear upon finishing these quests. It's a good way to earn new and powerful gear that will catapult your level in the game.

Don't Stop Grinding to Farm for Money

Questing may be a good source of money for your character but when you're already done with the main quests, faction quests, and others, you might want to use the gear that you've earned and start grinding

Learn How to Farm Money in Rebirth of Chaos
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Grinding means having to kill monsters over and over until you level up. Monsters drop gold and sometimes special items so it is best that you grind whenever you have completed all the things that you need to do for the day. 

Rebirth of Chaos has an AFK feature that lets you grind even if you are offline. Just make sure that you have the best equipment possible and choose an area where monsters are a little bit below your level. 

Try not to AFK grind on areas where monsters are higher level than you.

Use Your Fatigue for Bosses

Having the best gear is everything in Rebirth of Chaos. This means hunting for gear is important as you will be able to tackle more difficult monsters and bosses when you have better gear. One good way to get rare gear is to use up all of your Fatigue in the Lord Challenge mode

You'll be up against bosses that are quite difficult to take down so you will need to be very careful when you're going against them. 

What I usually do is I try to defeat a boss that is near my level first and then use the rest of my Fatigue in defeating other bosses to get those rewards. Rewards include money, new and exclusive gear, and a whole lot of random items.

Upgrade as Much as Possible

Collecting gear shouldn't stop when you have gathered the best ones in the game. You can still upgrade them and make them powerful. 

Learn How to Farm Money in Rebirth of Chaos
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Upgrading gear will add even more stats to the item. Use the money you've earned to upgrade the basic stats of your chosen weapon and gear. 

Each upgrade will cost gold and succeeding upgrades will cost even more. Make sure that the item that you want to upgrade is compatible with your character first. 

If the type of weapon matches your character, upgrade it to the highest level as soon as you can.

The Basics of Inlaying

Apart from upgrading gear, there is also another way to boost the power of my items in Rebirth of Chaos. Gems are also used to give stat bonuses and sometimes unique bonuses to the items. 

For example, inlaying is the process of using a gem and forging it into the weapon to increase its stats or place a unique ability on the item. 

Gems are commonly found at the Item Mall and cost around 20 diamonds. If you want to have the best possible stats in the game, be ready to purchase these gems and start inlaying.

Where to Get the Best Gear

Here's a secret on how you can find the best gear in Rebirth of Chaos. Apart from challenging the bosses in Lord Challenge mode, you can also check out Blood Array where you're given only 30 minutes to defeat all enemies including the boss at the end. 

Learn How to Farm Money in Rebirth of Chaos
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This feature is unlocked when you reach level 135 and is available again when you reach levels 160, 200, and 250. Every time you hit a certain level milestone in the game, you should check out the Level Rush Reward tab for more rewards. 

Some of these rewards are very rare and can only be unlocked when you cross the milestone. Lastly, Beast Bloodline plays very similar to Blood Array however, this feature is only unlocked when you reach a certain power in the game. 

By completing the objectives, you get a buff that increases your damage to 20 percent and enjoy a 30 percent experience boost.

Complete Your Dailies

With all the talk about main quests and faction quests, you won't have the time to do everything in just an hour or two of playing Rebirth of Chaos. I usually go ahead and grind whenever I'm done with the quests but never neglect the dailies if you want to add more gold to your pocket. 

Dailies or daily login quests refresh after 24 hours which means you can do these quests over and over. 

Most of the rewards in these quests are gold and some experience boost so if you're short on money, go ahead and take on some of these quests so you can use them to upgrade your gear.


Rebirth of Chaos is a widely popular MMORPG on mobile that you should be playing today. With thousands of players and a bevy of challenging quests and bosses to take down, I've spent countless hours grinding and hunting for the best gear that I can find. 

Rebirth of Chaos is now available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.