Soccer Super Star - Learn How to Get Coins

Want to play a mobile soccer game without having to deal with all the complex mechanics that most console games require you to do? Soccer Super Star is the perfect mobile game that fits that bill. 


It's an action-packed arcade soccer game that doesn't require a lot of time for you to practice as a player so you get straight into the action. And while you may think that the game doubles down on its easy mechanics, think again. 

You still need a strong sense of strategy to progress through the game and that's why I've developed a guide for you to learn how to play the game, earn coins, and more tips to help you get through the game. Check it out below.

  • Get a Good Grasp of Ball Physics
  • Land a Shot and Get Three Stars
  • Passing the Ball
  • Draw Short Lines for Short Kicks and Longer Lines for More Powerful Kicks
  • Join Tournaments to Get Coins
Soccer Super Star - Learn How to Get Coins
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Get a Good Grasp of Ball Physics

Those who have played other soccer games in the past won't have any issues with Soccer Super Star's ball physics. However, for those who are going to play this type of game for the first time, you might need some time to adjust to the ball physics

Ball physics is how the ball moves when you kick it. There are some areas in the game where you can take advantage of this. 


Having said that, I suggest getting to know the game mechanics through practice. This way, you get to understand how the ball movements work in this game. 

This will let you harness your accuracy and ball control better.

Play a Lot of Games

Win conditions, mechanics, and skill is what it takes to win games. Learning your win conditions will help you understand how you're going to get the victory while mechanics and skills involve accuracy and ball control. 

You can only learn these three things by playing the game and I mean playing a lot of games. Experience and practice is the key to understanding how to get the win. 

Of course, you also need to be able to understand why you lost in the first place and correct those mistakes. By playing a lot of games, you get a better understanding of your play style and how you can hone your skills to improve.

Land a Shot and Get Three Stars

The game doesn't readily show us how we can get three stars, especially early on. I've noticed that we can only get three stars if we meet certain conditions in the game. 

Soccer Super Star - Learn How to Get Coins
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These conditions include signing up a team, choosing a name, number, and nationality. Furthermore, players will also need to pass the ball to your player and make a shot in order to earn three stars. 

Getting three stars will help you accumulate more points to qualify for the season. The more stars that you have, the more chances your team has to qualify. 

But first, I recommend that you try to focus on the basics first like passing the ball and scoring goals instead of getting three stars early on.

Watch Soccer Games

The best way to understand how to play this mobile soccer game is to watch the real thing. It can be a bit confusing at first to watch a real game of soccer but as you begin to connect the basics of the game from your times playing Soccer Super Star, it will become easier to understand.

Watching soccer games allows you to understand why players do the things that they do on the field. You'll also learn the strategy involved in playing the game. 

Check out how each player moves through the field and you'll soon realize that they are setting themselves up to pass the ball to the goal as efficiently as possible. You can then apply this in your game so you can easily get those three stars as fast as possible.

Passing the Ball

Passing the ball in Soccer Super Star is quite restrictive so you won't be able to do any tricks in this game. While it may limit your options, this game still provides a good amount of ways for you to pass the ball

Soccer Super Star - Learn How to Get Coins
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Players can only kick the ball within the area of the cone that's right in front of your player. This allows you to pass the ball only to specific players within that area. 

Additionally, this also forces you to position yourself properly so your teammates can receive the ball or pass the ball to you. 

It may not be the easiest thing to do but with practice, you'll be able to adapt to this situation immediately.

Watch Ads to Receive Energy

You'll later notice that the more you play the game, the more you're required to spend your remaining energy. Energy allows you to play the game hence getting energy is equally important as honing your skills. 

The problem here is that energy doesn't come for free. Either you pay for it or you'll need to wait until it replenishes. However, I've found a good way to receive energy and keep on playing the game through watching ads. 

Watching these ads immediately replenish my energy which allows me to play more games than those who don't want to watch the ads. Watching ads also allows me to restart the entire level and play it perfectly to receive three stars.

Draw Short Lines for Short Kicks and Longer Lines for More Powerful Kicks

One mechanic that every player should know about is to learn how to do a kick. There are two ways to do this. First, you'll need to learn how to do short kicks. Short kicks are all about passing the ball from one player to another. 

Soccer Super Star - Learn How to Get Coins
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All you need to do is to draw a short line towards the player that you want to pass the ball to. 

Drawing a longer line means the player will kick the ball further away. This should only be done when trying to score a goal as the ball will travel much faster leaving little time for your opponent to react and block

I suggest mixing things up with your kicks especially when you want to pass the ball down the field.

Keep Trying

In this game, the opposing team will try their best to either block or deny you of your control of the ball. The enemy team will either tackle you or block your way when passing the ball. 

Don't worry too much about this as you will always have possession of the ball by rewinding the game. Whenever you have the best opportunity to take the shot, go ahead and take it. If it fails, you can rewind the level and take the shot again. 

Take advantage of this and keep on trying until you're able to score a point.

Join Tournaments to Get Coins

Coins are the in-game currency used in the game to purchase cosmetic items and gear such as boots and shin pads for your players. 

Soccer Super Star - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: APKMODY

While getting the prize bags will reward you with these cosmetic items, they often come randomly and you won't be able to get the cosmetic items that you want for your players. 

The best way to get these items is to learn how to earn coins so you can afford to purchase them. Join weekly offline tournaments and win them so you can earn these exclusive prizes including coins. 

You'll be up against challenging teams when you join these weekly tournaments so be prepared.

Check Out Your Progress in the Game

Most of us want to know how far we've come in the game. Oftentimes, I find myself wanting to know the progress I've made and Soccer Super Star has an option to do just that. 

Simply tap on your profile found at the upper left corner of the screen and you'll open your character's profile. In this profile, you'll get to see your progress as well as how many goals you've made and how many assists you've made. 

You can also change your in-game name through this method by tapping on the option beside your character's name. You can check out the number of stars you've collected on this page as well.


Playing Soccer Super Star has been a fun experience for me as someone who is a fan of soccer. The game has all the features needed to play and enjoy soccer on your mobile phone. For those who are still struggling to progress in the game, I hope the tips mentioned above will help you find more ways to improve. To download the game, check out Soccer Super Star on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.