Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds

There are a lot of mobile games that aim to be very complicated in their strategy and gameplay but there are also some that want to provide a casual experience. Insect Revolution is one of those mobile games that aim to provide us with a very fun and very light gaming experience. 


The game follows a small insect on a journey to find its way back home only to encounter large insects along the way - the goal here is to get home safely while also evolving to become stronger.

Here are some tips to help you understand the game, play effectively, learn how to get diamonds, how to use power-ups properly, and more in my guide below.

  • Consume Smaller Insects to Grow
  • Move Around to Avoid Bigger Bugs
  • Collect Power-ups
  • Go on a Roll
  • Always Check Your Health
  • Check Your Rankings
Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds
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Consume Smaller Insects to Grow 

Playing Insect Revolution is all about feeding your main insect by devouring smaller insects. The main goal is to feed off on the smaller lower-level insects so you fill-up the meter at the top of the screen to level up. 

Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds
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Once you level up, you transform into a different insect and can begin devouring other lesser insects until you reach gigantic size. 

It is best to always check the meter on the screen to know which insect you'll transform to next. 

This also means you get to know which insects you want to avoid eating. Eating larger, higher-level insects will cause you to die so make sure to avoid them. The best way to know is to avoid insects that are larger than yours.

Spin the Slots to Gain an Advantage

When it comes to playing this game, every player will need all the help that they can get. What I usually do is take advantage of every feature that the game offers and one of which is by spinning the slot

Before the start of each level, I get to spin the slot machine that will determine which type of insect that I'll start with. 

Buy doing this I could immediately jump into a higher-level insect which then allows me to devour all other lower-class insects along the way making my insect more formidable. Take the chance in spinning the slots and gain an advantage in the game.

Move Around to Avoid Bigger Bugs

One thing that many new players constantly do that would cause them to die a lot is to move timidly across the screen. As soon as the game starts, you will need to move around a lot to avoid larger bugs. 

Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source:  Malavida

Each level will present different types of insects that you need to dodge while also trying to feed off the smaller ones. 

Moving around will help you avoid the larger bugs but be careful when moving around as you might get stuck in a corner with no way out. If you spot a smaller insect, get to it immediately and then move again. 

Never stop moving so you'll have a higher chance of surviving until the end of the level.

Stay in the Middle

I've mentioned beforehand that you need to move around a lot to dodge the larger insects and get to the smaller ones as fast as possible. Every move that you make should be tactical

Don't move your insect around without a purpose in mind. The fact that new insects appear at the edge of the screen should tell you that you need to stay in the middle

This way, you avoid getting attacked by the insects that are about to spawn. It also gives you room and time to dodge the larger insects.

Collect Power-ups

Surviving in Insect Revolution can be very challenging especially during the later stages where things can be very difficult and there's not enough room to run around. 

Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Malavida

The best way to handle this type of situation is to collect power-ups at the start of each level or whenever they appear then use them to your advantage. 

The bomb is a great power-up to use especially when I get in trouble or I get cornered by a group of larger insects. 

Unleashing the bomb would clear out all the insects in the area and while it does exterminate the smaller ones as well, it is still highly useful to wipe out an area and provide you a little bit of wiggle room to move around.

Watch an Ad to Get Diamonds

Diamonds are also useful in this game. Diamonds are used to unlock other power-ups in the game. Make good use of them to purchase the power-ups so you can clear as many levels as possible. 

To get diamonds, all you need to do is to watch some ads and you can then collect diamonds afterward. 

Watching an ad also allows you to revive your insect in the middle of the level so you don't have to start all over again.

Go on a Roll

Every smaller insect that I devour earns me a point. At the end of each level, the game calculates how many insects I've eaten which results in experience points

Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds
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Higher experience means higher ranking so eating insects consecutively would produce combos. The more insects you get to eat in a smaller period, the more combo you get to have. 

This is the reason why I highly recommend that you keep on moving so you can continuously eat the insects and increase your points through combos. You'll also notice that there are bubbles that float around the screen. 

Make sure to grab them as they will help you get stronger and even increase your health. Collecting these bubbles apart from bombs will surely give you an advantage.

Don't Risk Eating Insects

There will come a time when the game becomes very difficult especially when the smaller insects are very near to the larger ones that you need to avoid. 

Many players would want to try to snatch the smaller insects away from the large ones and risk getting attacked. I would avoid doing this and save yourself the hassle by just waiting for smaller ones to appear later on.

I'm sure you might think that you have the skill to try and snatch them away but trust me, it's far riskier to do this.

Always Check Your Health

One false move can be the end of your journey in Insect Revolution. Fortunately, you'll have a lot of chances to correct those mistakes. 

Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Malavida

Your health will be represented by the bar at the top of the screen and sometimes, you even only have one chance before you die and restart the level. 

The good thing though is that you also have power-ups and boosts to help you in the game. 

Always watch out for your health and play carefully if you're down to your last health point.

Replay a Level to Gain More Experience

Gaining experience points is essential for you to unlock levels in Insect Revolution. If you're not able to reach the required experience, you won't be able to progress in the game. 

Make sure that you always hit combos or gain bonus experience points in each level so you don't have to worry about unlocking further levels. One thing that I do to gain extra experience is to replay a certain level. 

I make sure to play the levels that I find a lot easier to clear than levels that were challenging to play. Remember, experience points help you with your rankings.

Check Your Rankings

Speaking of rankings, those who are highly competitive can also check their standing in the game against many other players from all over the world. 

Insect Evolution - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: APK Pure

Rankings are based on the experience points and your skill in playing the game. The higher you are at the rankings, the more skilled you get at playing the game. 

Other game modes allow you to test your skills and show them off through the ranking system. 

Go ahead and play the game, get better, and watch your name rise to the top.

Play Radiation Mode

Apart from playing the highly mechanical levels in the later stages of the game, there is also another game mode that will challenge your skills in playing Insect Revolution - Radiation mode

In Radiation mode, you'll start with a unique insect with a medium level of difficulty. The game becomes increasingly difficult as more and more mutated insects begin to crowd the screen. 

To unlock Radiation mode, all you need to do is to tap the link to start watching a video after that you can then play this game mode.


Insect Revolution might not have the most complicated strategy or gameplay but it is one of the most entertaining mobile games with a very casual experience. I hope that the tips above can help you reach the endgame and unlock as many levels as you can. 

Insect Revolution is now available on mobile devices including Android through the Google Play Store and iOS through the App Store.