Craftsman - Learn How To Farm Resources

Imagine being able to build an entire city based on your imagination with the use of your creativity and ingenuity? Craftsman: Building Craft is the perfect mobile game to play if you want to explore your imagination. 

You can do almost anything  you want in this game. Whether you want to build a small farm, tend to animals, construct the tallest skyscraper or live in a tiny home surrounded by your pets - it's all up to you.


However, starting the game from scratch can be very daunting, especially if you don't know where to find the best resources or how you can manage them. In this guide, I'll teach you how to play the game, search for resources, craft items, and more with the article below.

  • Build Your World With Craftsman
  • Start With Creative Mode To Understand the Game
  • Collect Resources From Your Surroundings
  • Take Advantage Of Potions
  • Build Your Farm To Harvest Resources
Craftsman - Learn How To Farm Resources
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Build Your World With Craftsman

Craftsman is a world where creative minds are rewarded for their imagination. Set in an empty land where I get to choose my destiny, the mobile game includes everything that every player in this genre needs to create a world of their own. 

Craftsman - Learn How To Farm Resources
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This begins with the kind of world you want to start with. Upon launching the game, I was given the option to choose a world from either the old version, infinite, or flat. 


It doesn't matter that much since everything is down to how you want to play the game

These options will help shape the first few hours of your game but ultimately, it is still your creativity that will hone your destiny.

Choose From A List Of Servers

Apart from choosing the world you want to start in, the game also features a list of servers that you can join. You will need to download the server in order to join. You can also join a server if you are connected to the same internet network. 


If you have a friend, invite them to your server. However, if you plan on playing alone, you can start your world immediately by naming your server and then begin playing. 

You can still invite your friends to play with you on your server at any time as long as they know the server name and if they belong to the same network.

Start With Creative Mode To Understand the Game

After creating a server, I was then offered to choose between two different types of game modes. These are Creative mode and Survival mode. 

Craftsman - Learn How To Farm Resources
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Creative mode is where I can let my creative juices flow by simply building or crafting items that I want to without any interference from the game, like by monsters or any other player. 

The resources are immediately available to me in my inventory so there is no need for me to farm or gather them inside the game. While there are other resources that need to be crafted, the basic ones are already available. 

When it comes to choosing which game mode to play as a beginner, I highly suggest that you try to start with Creative mode and get the feel of the game as well as the mechanics. Play around the game with this mode first and see how you want to shape your world.

Move On To Survival Mode To Improve

While Creative mode taps into our creative side, Survival mode presents greater challenges for players who want to have more fun and action. Craftsman's Survival mode is the second game mode available for players who want to explore even more possibilities in the game. 

While Creative mode does offer safety, Survival mode is very difficult, especially for new players. Monsters can appear out of nowhere and resources can be quite scarce if you don't know where to find or gather them. 

Survival mode is where you make challenging decisions by reacting to whatever the game is giving to you. Whether fending off monsters to secure your farm animals or finding the basic ingredient for your next item to craft, Survival mode beckons those who want challenging gameplay.

Collect Resources From Your Surroundings

When playing Survival mode, the chances of you getting a lot of resources depends on how far you're willing to go and search for them. Almost everything around you can be used to your advantage. 

Craftsman - Learn How To Farm Resources
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Resources such as wood, stone, granite, meat, and everything else can be collected. Start with collecting wood and stone to craft tools that will help you build your shelter and weapon. 

These basic resources are essential if you want to survive the next few hours of the game. Monsters will begin to appear on the map and you will need to defend yourself

I'll give you some tips on how you can defend yourself from monsters down below but for now, start gathering resources from the environment.

Craft Items And Equip Them

Everything about playing Craftsman is all about creating different items and making different things from the materials that you've gathered. Whenever I play Survival mode, I tend to gather as many resources as possible and craft tools and items such as the ax and pickax

Both of these are important tools used to effectively gather more resources so I can work on them immediately. Crafting weapons is also a great way to defend yourself from the onslaught of monsters that are about to spawn at any moment. 

When collecting resources, always make sure to keep these items in mind and equip them whenever they are ready.

Take Advantage Of Potions

Items and weapons do have a lot of advantages in this game however, there are still so many things to discover, create, and concoct in Craftsman. One such item that can be created is potions

Craftsman - Learn How To Farm Resources
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Potions give a wide variety of buffs that has helped my character in certain situations. One potion allowed me to speed up my production hence I was able to farm and gather resources much faster. 

Another potion gave me increased defenses which allowed me to tank a bit more damage from attacking monsters. 

Whenever you have the time, go ahead and make them then take full advantage of these potions.

Build Snowmen To Defend Your Base

I've mentioned earlier that monsters spawn at any point in the game. They are often very aggressive and are most likely going to attack your character if you are left defenseless. 

Sure, walls and fences are great at keeping them from entering your shelter but the best way to defend your base is to defeat them. Weapons offer a good amount of damage that can defeat monsters but you will also be taking damage. 

What I can suggest is to build snowmen instead and let them defend your base. To create them, simply stack three snowballs and add a pumpkin on top as ahead. It will bring them to life and they will start attacking monsters nearby.

Build Your Farm To Harvest Resources

Apart from gathering from the environment, there are still many other ways to gain resources that will help me in the game. One good way of having a sustainable income and resource in Craftsman is to build your farm

Craftsman - Learn How To Farm Resources
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As one of my priorities, building a farm should always be done at the first few hours of the game apart from making a shelter. Make sure to create a farm within your vicinity. 

Plant some seeds and make sure to water them. In time, they will begin to produce food and other crops that you can then use. 

Some of these crops can even be used to make rope and other items. If you need food, you can always harvest from your nearby farm.

Raise Farm Animals For Food

Apart from gathering wood, stone, and other items, food is also a resource in Craftsman. Food is a necessity for you to survive in this game. This is why raising animals is another integral aspect of having a sustainable resource for your survival. 

I highly recommend building a barn or at least an enclosure where you can raise animals. Make sure to prioritize raising cows or sheep first as they provide wool, meat, and milk. 

Never allow them to walk around an open space or else they get attacked by nearby monsters. Keep them inside your farm or enclosure for their safety.


Craftsman is all about tapping into your imagination and creativity. From making a small shelter to a futuristic metropolitan area, you can build anything! Don't forget to utilize the tips mentioned above so you can start strong and gather enough resources to achieve your goals in the game.

Craftsman: Building Craft is now available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store for all smartphone mobile devices.