Forsaken World - How to Farm Glory Coins

If you're a mobile MMORPG fan, you've probably come across Forsaken World already. With its high-quality graphics and action-packed gameplay, there's certainly no reason why you wouldn't be tempted to play this game along with your friends. 


Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features a large-scale world filled with adventurous players and features that make it one of the most immersive gaming experiences on mobile.

Forsaken World is all about playing with your friends and while playing solo can still be fun, it is much more exciting to invest socially and get to know the community. Get ready to go on an adventure and learn about the game, join guilds, participate in events, learn how to earn glory coins, and more with my guide below.

  • Pick a Class that Suits Your Character
  • Check the Quest Log
  • Unlock Skills and Improve Them
  • Join an Active Guild
  • Own a Pet, Get a Mount
Forsaken World - How to Farm Glory Coins
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Pick a Class that Suits Your Character

Just like any other MMORPGs, Forsaken World features a group of characters each with their own classes. Each type has its unique abilities and play style. You may want to deal a lot of damage by choosing the DPS or stay at the back and support your team by healing as a healer. 

Whatever you choose to become, always pick a class that suits your character and your play style. This will be very critical whenever you want to play with other players. 

For those who want to play solo, I suggest that you try to pick a class that can do damage and sustains yourself such as a warrior or a rogue. These classes often don't need other players or a team to level up.

Gunners, Vampires, and Healers

Besides the warrior and rogue, there are many other character classes to choose from. The mage is a good class to choose if you plan on dealing tons of damage to the enemy. The priest is the main support class in the game but is highly vulnerable so it is often played together with a tank or with a team. 

There are also unique classes specific only to Forsaken World. These are vampires that have hybrid melee and ranged combat styles and gunners who specialize in long-ranged attacks with the use of guns and technology. 

The ranger is another long-ranged class but is far more mobile than the gunner which makes it difficult to maneuver but very effective in battle.

Check the Quest Log

Quests are highly recommended for those who want to progress in the game fast. Questing provide a lot of experience especially when you accomplish the quests them together with a team. 

Forsaken World - How to Farm Glory Coins
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Grinding for experience points can be very tiresome and often gives very low experience points

You will need to grind for experience for hours in comparison to questing where you immediately get the experience that you need to level up

Always check your quest log and see if there are available quests for you to complete. Whenever I find some quests to be difficult to accomplish, I would ask a friend to help me finish the quest.

Take Advantage of the Auto-Battle Mode

The auto-battle feature is a common feature in most mobile MMORPG and should always be taken advantage of if you want to progress fast in the game. 

The auto-battle feature lets you move, attack, and use skills automatically. There are also instances where you can simply let the game play out when you are questing. Make good use of the auto-battle feature especially if you are stuck in a specific quest or a certain part of the game. 

There's a lot of quests that need to be done within a certain time period so it is best that you use this feature to finish them in no time.

Unlock Skills and Improve Them

Each class has its unique skills and each of these skills can be improved upon. Read the skill description first to see how they interact with your character. 

Forsaken World - How to Farm Glory Coins
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Experience is key to unlocking and learning new skills for your character. Complete quests and challenges to unlock more skills for your character. 

This can be quite tricky since there are multiple skills to unlock within the skill tree so prioritizing significant skills is critical to your success in the game. 

This is also the same with improving your skill. There are also certain skills that can only be unlocked if you join a guild.

Upgrade Your Gear

Having the right equipment for your character is crucial to their survival. The reason why you will need to constantly change and upgrade your character's gear is to ensure that they don't die immediately and they can protect themselves. 

Having a good set of gear will be critical to the survival of your character especially if you just leave them to play using the auto-battle feature. 

Before you press the auto-battle, make sure that your character's weapons and gear are already up-to-date and can withstand damage from most monsters that you will be hunting. Upgrade them as often as necessary or try to hunt for new sets of weapons and gear if they become obsolete.

Join an Active Guild

Guilds are essential in my progress as a player. Apart from the many guild skills that become available when I join a guild, it is also a great way to play the game with other members. 

Forsaken World - How to Farm Glory Coins
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I tend to have more fun with the game whenever I play together with my guildmates. Joining an active guild also unlock a set of benefits that are only exclusive to members

Glory coins can be used to add guild contribution and merit for the entire guild thus increasing your power as a guild and unlock even more features. 

Exchange your ancient coins through Jessica, the Guild Master, by choosing the Glory Coin Exchange option. Jessica can be found at the Nightfall Citadel.

Participate in Events to Earn Glory Coins

There are a lot of events in Forsaken World. Most of the time, I've encountered daily login events and challenges that have helped me earn gold coins and other items in the game such as glory coins. 

Participating in certain events has also allowed me to reach certain milestones in the game which can lead to rewards such as diamonds, gold coins, and special chests. Collect all of these prizes and you should be on your way to becoming a formidable player in this game. 

Take part in major events and you'll also be rewarded with rare items that only you can wield. However, don't underestimate the prizes you get from daily login events as well since they often give out glory coins.

Own a Pet, Get a Mount

Forsaken World also features a pet and mount system that will allow you to travel around the landscape much faster. Having a pet would also help you during combat but getting the mount is crucial to the game. 

Forsaken World - How to Farm Glory Coins
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While pets can help attack and provide different buffs, mounts are better especially when questing. The map of Forsaken World is quite large so going around the game can become tedious. 

A mount will help ease the travel time thus allowing you to finish more quests and level up much faster. Get your mount as soon as it is available so you don't have to spend a lot of time traveling around the map. 

Upgrade both your pet and mount regularly to increase their stats. Mounts can be unlocked around level 10 while pets are unlocked when you hit level 36.

Pray to the Gods

There are a lot of features that can help new players level up fast. One unique feature that can only be found in Foforsakenrsaken World is prayers. Praying will help you earn random buffs and sometimes, items to improve your status in the game. 

You can find the prayer option at the top corner of the screen. You'll know that the option is ready when it is glowing so make sure to visit this option regularly to receive the blessings from the gods. 

Take advantage of this feature especially if you are trying to level up to level 80 and beyond as leveling up becomes very difficult to do.


One thing I noticed while playing Forsaken World, especially when I hit around level 50, is that the game becomes increasingly difficult. Because of this, the tips mentioned above are proven to help pave your path towards a better gaming experience and tackle the evolving challenges with more ease. 

From dealing with difficult bosses to learning new skills and upgrading mounts and pets, I hope you've learned a lot about Forsaken World. Download Forsaken World: Gods and Demons today through the Google Play Store and the App Store.