Summoner's Greed - How to Get Gems

Tower defense games are always fun to play due to their highly strategic nature. Many players gravitate towards playing these types of games for their fun and interactive gameplay. One tower defense game that I highly advise that you download is Summoner's Greed.


Build towers, unlock monsters, cast spells, and do whatever it takes to defend your stolen treasure chest from peasants, lumberjacks, and even the King's Elite Knight. 

Learning the basics of the game is quite easy but the strategy involved in getting to the higher levels can be complex and challenging. Here I've gathered some tips including how to play the game, where you can get free gems, farm for gold, which spells to upgrade, and more below.

  • Start from the Very Beginning
  • Watch Some Ads to Get Free Gems
  • Purchase Attack Boosts Early
  • Place Your Monsters Properly
  • Don't Waste Gold in Upgrading Common Monsters
Summoner's Greed - How to Get Gems
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Start from the Very Beginning

Summoner's Greed is a mobile game that I find very unique in the sense that I had the option to skip some levels in the game whenever I restart. 

Many new players might think that this is great since they can speed towards the end of the game by skipping many levels. However, I highly advise not to do this. 

Focus on each level of the game and learn from it. Every level you play is a chance to earn gold and gems, complete quests, and unlock rewards along the way. Every little bit of gold will help you along the way. 

Never skip stages in the game even if that means that you will have to sacrifice a lot of your time playing easier levels.

Don't Underestimate the Value of Gold Coins

Gold coins are our best source of income in this game. The more coins I have, the more I'm able to improve and upgrade a lot of my monsters. 

I was able to collect a lot of coins just by simply playing each level of the game, however, there are also other features that reward a good amount of coins such as finishing missions and logging into the game every day. 

No matter what you do, never underestimate the value of gold coins as these are your ticket to getting stronger in the game. Focus on collecting each gold coin that you can find. You'll thank me later once you do.

Watch Some Ads to Get Free Gems

It's already a given that ads are part of the game. They can be very annoying to deal with considering they suddenly pop up out of nowhere or the game forces us to watch them. 

Summoner's Greed - How to Get Gems
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They are quite intrusive to the game which is an experience that many don't like. There are many instances where I have to close the game since it automatically plays an ad or the game forces me to watch an ad. But not with Summoner's Greed. 

The option to watch an ad pops up once in a while and when it does, something big is being offered. I would suggest that you take this offer and watch a few ads to collect freebies such as free gems and coin multipliers. 

Sometimes, it even rewards me with a double damage buff that lets me finish through certain levels very quickly.

Use Double Damage in Later Levels

There are a lot of freebies and boosts that are available in the game. Some of them can be useful in the early stages while others are more crucial in the later levels. 

Now that you have some gems to spare in the game, it is time to use it to full advantage especially when you get to the higher levels. Most of the higher levels in Summoner's Greed tend to be very challenging and you'll need all the help that you can get. 

Use your Gems to purchase double damage so you can run through these challenging levels much easier. Never use them in the early levels of the game as you'll be wasting a lot of your precious gems that should have been used in the later stages.

Purchase Attack Boosts Early

While the double damage boost is quite useful in the later stages of the game, there is one boost that will allow you to speed through the early game while also preparing your monsters for the late game. 

Summoner's Greed - How to Get Gems
Image Source: MixMax Channel / YouTube

Make sure to purchase the monster attack boost early on. There are two types of monster attack boosts that I was able to purchase. The first one can be bought using gold coins and gives a 10% permanent attack boost then adds 1% to the succeeding purchase. 

The other one is available through gems which also adds a 10% permanent attack boost but adds 5% after succeeding purchases. 

Don't forget to purchase these boosts early on so you'll have a better chance at reaching the higher levels of the game.

Unlock Spells and Upgrade Them

Spells are also available in the game. I tend to use spells to try and clear some stragglers that were not killed by my summons. Spells are highly versatile to use in this game. It can be used as an offensive tool or a defensive tool to try and stop the enemy from reaching the treasure chest. 

Every time I level up in the game, I also unlock new spells. I make sure that I use these spells often and upgrade them using my coins to increase their power. This is highly useful especially after wave 30 where the enemy starts to become more challenging. 

One spell that I highly suggest that you upgrade immediately is Freeze. Freeze slows down the enemy giving you time to react and place more monsters on the map to defend your chest.

Place Your Monsters Properly

It is important to note that placing each monster in specific areas of the map is crucial to your success. I make sure to place the speedy monsters at the top portion of the map so they can whittle down the health of the enemies. 

Summoner's Greed - How to Get Gems
Image Source: APK Pure

You can place some high damage monsters in the middle to make sure that the enemies won't be able to pass through. 

Add some utility monsters like Frostbite to help slow down the progression of the enemy thus giving time for the other monsters to deal some damage. 

Try to read each monster's unique abilities and utilize them in battle by placing them in strategic areas.

Invest in Rare Monster Types

In the early levels of the game, I usually only get common monsters in my team to try and defend the treasure chest. 

As soon as I hit wave 30, things begin to feel difficult and this is the time where I had to invest in rare monster types to help me defend. Unlock as many monsters as you can at this point in the game to give you a better chance at moving forward. 

Together with the attack boost, you should be able to keep on defending the chest for a while when you have some rare monster types.

Don't Waste Gold in Upgrading Common Monsters

Don't get me wrong, common monsters serve a good purpose in the game. They are highly effective at getting me through the early stages of the game. While they do play a good part in the early levels, their quality immediately drops by the time wave 30 rolls in. 

Summoner's Greed - How to Get Gems
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This is the best time to try and pull out the rare monsters and upgrade them. Don't bother upgrading the common monsters as they will remain weak against the enemy post wave 30. 

Save your gold coins and upgrade monsters that are rare or legendary and focus on them until you max out. One monster that you should always upgrade is the Slime King. 

Trust me, you'll have a better time in the game when you decide to upgrade Slime King.

Don't Stop Completing Achievements

Completing achievements in the game often come with rewards. They are a good source of gems and gold coins especially when I find myself running short on them. 

Make sure to check on all of your achievements and see if they are almost done. 

The thing about achievements is that they reset whenever you're done with them so keep on doing achievements so you continue to earn the rewards.


Playing a tower defense game on mobile has never been as fun and exciting as with Summoner's Greed. These tips should help you to successfully defend your base against the enemy and learn the perfect strategy as well as how you can unlock the best monsters for your team. 

Now that you know the strategy involved in beating the game, it is time to test it in the game. Download Summoner's Greed today from the Google Play Store or the App Store.