Learn How Earn Money in Dead Effect

As they say, in space, no one can hear you scream. If there is one game that captures the essence of pure terror while trapped in outer space, it's Dead Effect


Dead Effect is a first-person zombie shooter game where players are trapped inside a mysterious ship filled with zombies and other creatures. Your mission is to find out what happened and get out of there alive. 

The ultimate question is how are you going to do so? In this article, I will teach you how you can do that and earn money within the game along the way.

  • Aim for the Head
  • Go Back After Clearing an Area
  • Go After Bombers First
  • Doesn't Matter Which Character You Choose
  • Open Lockers
  • Earn Money Through Mini-Games
Learn How Earn Money in Dead Effect
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Aim for the Head

This rule has always been a staple when it comes to zombie games. Shoot them in the head. A headshot will immediately disable or kill a zombie and you can focus on the next tone.

This might prove to be very difficult at first especially if you are being swarmed by zombies. However, what I do is aim just below the crosshair to go for the headshot. 

It is one of the quickest ways to kill zombies in Dead Effect. Of course, you will also encounter different types of zombies and some are quite impenetrable to your bullets but you can disable them if you constantly land a headshot. 

Killing zombies gives you orbs so make sure that you clear the area and collect as many of them as possible.

Look Behind You

Since this is a mobile game, movement is quite restricted. I had a hard time moving and looking around at first but once you go through the tutorial, things will be much easier. 

One thing that I want new players to learn is to master the quick turnaround. The reason behind this is that zombies in Dead Effect do not just appear in front of you. They can also come from behind. 

Always check what's behind you by turning around to avoid getting jumped on by zombies.

Go Back After Clearing an Area

There are certain rules that you always need to follow in Dead Effect. One of them is to go back to check

Learn How Earn Money in Dead Effect
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When you move out of an area after finishing a task or grabbing the item needed for the mission, make sure to go back and check the area again. Chances are, there are still zombies hiding behind a corner somewhere which can surprise you when you least expect it. 

There will always be a few stragglers waiting to ambush you when you feel like it is safe to go back to that area.

Clearing an area thoroughly means you can always retreat to that area safely without getting any surprises. Plus, the extra orbs that you collect from those stragglers are also worth it.

Double Tap

Another great zombie trope that is applicable in Dead Effect is a double-tap. There are times when I pass by a couple of dead zombies when all of a sudden, one of them comes back ‘alive’ and tries to bite my foot. 

This can happen when you do not fully shoot them down. Always shoot fallen zombies just to make sure that they are dead. You will notice that some of the dead zombies will just lie down and pretend only to surprise you with a last effort to bite you. 

Avoid making the same mistake as I did and practice double-tap.

Go After Bombers First

In Dead Effect, you'll encounter different types of zombies. Most of them are easily eliminated but some deal quite the damage. Bombers are the most dangerous types of zombies and one that you should always look out for in a group. 

Learn How Earn Money in Dead Effect
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They can easily hide behind a horde of zombies only to reveal themselves and blow you up. However, they are also quite easy to identify with their darker tone and faster movement. 

Make sure to focus on eliminating them first once you spot them. They usually explode upon death so stay as far away as possible once you eliminate one or else you might end up into pieces as well.

Recharge Your Skills

The two main characters in Dead Effect have skills that can be used during battle. Bullet time and other skills can be recharged to use again. However, it will take some time for you to recharge this skill. 

Make sure to wait until all of your skills are fully charged before going in for a fight. This will give you an advantage as well as an escape tool if you are about to overwhelm by zombies. 

Once you use them, these skills will need some time to recharge. You may want to use your weapons during this time while waiting for your skills to come back up.

Doesn't Matter Which Character You Choose

As I've mentioned above, there are two main characters that you can choose in Dead Effect. You can either go for Gunnar Davis or Jane Frey. 

Learn How Earn Money in Dead Effect
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Whether you choose one, it doesn't matter that much aside from the weapons that you have. Either way, you still have the same amount of health and you will still go through the same mission.

Don't fret about getting one as there is no clear advantage.

Turn Your Volume Up

One thing that I like about Dead Effect is the sounds within the game. Rarely do you see or play a mobile game that puts this much effort into the sound effects

Every time you run, you make noises that could signal zombies to immediately attack you. This is the reason why you get mobbed by zombies when you first come inside a room. The same way happens when you try to walk silently into a corner. 

You can hear zombies shuffling around. This should give you the proper time to prepare. It is quite helpful especially in dark hallways or when you turn on corners and avoid getting surprised.

Open Lockers

When you explore different areas in the ship, you will encounter some lockers that are easily opened by tapping them. Always make sure to open these lockers for some resources and surprises

Learn How Earn Money in Dead Effect
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Most of the time, you can find some ammunition for your weapon. There are also times when you get credits. Credits are your main resource in the game apart from ammo. 

I will discuss later the uses of credits but for now, keep on opening those lockers when you have the time.

Stay Inside the Medical Pod

You will begin to notice that there aren't a lot of healing items in this game. The only way that you can restore your health to full is when you find a medical pod or a health station. 

Get inside the health station and wait until you regenerate your health back up. It can take some time to heal you back to full health but be patient.

Choosing to end the regeneration process will keep you vulnerable as there's only a limited number of medical pods scattered throughout the entire ship.  It is also quite difficult to find especially in the dark atmosphere of the game.

Earn Money Through Mini-Games

Another good way to earn money is to play the mini-games found within the game. I suggest that you play the hacking mini-game and complete it. 

Learn How Earn Money in Dead Effect
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All you need to do is to match the symbols to each other before the time runs out. While you might think that it is very easy to do, the mini-game is much more difficult than that. 

The symbols are very similar to each other so you will need to keep your eyes peeled for the subtle differences between the symbols. Only then you will be able to complete this mini-game and earn more credits.

Spend Your Credits to Purchase New Weapons or Upgrade

Now that you have all the credits that you need. It is time to spend them properly. There are two ways to spend your hard-earned credits

First, you can upgrade the weapon that you have and make it stronger. Upgrading weapons augment it with further stats thus making it deal more damage and allowing you to clear a section much faster. 

However, there are times when the game gets so difficult that you might want to try a new weapon. This is where your credits come in. You can always purchase a new weapon. Just make sure that it has higher firepower than the one that you currently have.


For those who want to play an extremely fun and challenging zombie game on mobile, Dead Effect should be your top choice. It mixes the claustrophobic effect of a derelict spaceship lost in the middle of nowhere with zombie terror. 

The mobile game is currently made available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store and on Steam for PC so go ahead and download now.