Goddess: Primal Chaos - How To Farm Coins

Online action role-playing games often don't offer a lot of features besides the constant hack-and-slash gameplay. However, there are tons of other ARPGs worth playing, one of which is Goddess: Primal Chaos. 


In this game, we play as a character helped by a goddess and other heroes in the fight to save both the physical and spiritual world. As much as I am excited to play a game like this, there is bound to be a little bit of difficulty, especially for those who are new to the game. 

Goddess: Primal Chaos might be a simple game, but it is bound to complex gameplay. Here are some tips that I have gathered to help you in the game and assist you in gathering more coins.

  • Combat Power Is Everything
  • Where To Get Better Gear
  • Choosing The Right Character
  • Upgrade And Fuse Heroes
  • Do Daily Tasks And Earn More Coins
Goddess: Primal Chaos - How To Farm Coins
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Combat Power Is Everything

Goddess: Primal Chaos is all about combat. Everything that we do in this game is all about combat and increasing the ability to cause more damage. Combat Power is a raw statistic that portrays how strong your character is when it comes to combat. 

There were times when I was not able to complete a certain dungeon because I lacked the Combat Power to do so. With that said, Combat Power is everything in this game. Combat Power can be achieved in many different ways. 

One of which is getting better gear. Each gear has its Combat Power value; therefore, adding more gear with a good amount of Combat Power will increase your overall CP.

Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Before we go ahead and dive deeper into Combat Power, there is still one more feature that you need to understand that will help you increase your chances of winning more games. 

Goddesses are powerful beings in the game that are there to assist your heroes. They provide protection and add bonus stats to your chosen heroes. 

Goddesses often give buffs that improve each hero's performance, so make sure to choose a goddess from the start. Bring gifts to your chosen goddess to strengthen their bond.

Where To Get Better Gear

Since Combat Power is tied to the gears that I equip to my character, the question now is, where do I get good gear? There are many ways to get new gears in this game. One of the most common ways to do this is to complete dungeons at least four times within 24 hours. 

Goddess: Primal Chaos - How To Farm Coins
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Doing so will reward you with loot boxes. Loot boxes contain new gears but are given at random, so there is no guarantee that I get a gear with a higher amount of CP. 

While this is one of the easiest ways to get reasonable amounts of CP for your character, it is also the most tedious option. 

You'll be spending a lot of your time playing the game through dungeons without having the guarantee of getting good gear from the loot boxes.

Upgrade Your Gear Instead

Another good way to earn more CP for your character is to upgrade the current gear. However, this option will need you to get a good amount of gold. Gold can be easily obtained, and I'll tell you later on where and how you can earn gold in the game. 

The main goal in upgrading your gear is to get the CP you need, but you still need to hit at least level 100 first before upgrading your gear. 

Many players make the mistake of upgrading early on, but there will be more powerful gears that are far more efficient when upgraded when you hit level 100 onwards. Additionally, make sure to save as much gold as possible while leveling up so you can then use the gold you've earned when you reach level 100.

Choosing The Right Character

There are three main characters for players to choose from at the start of the game. However, not all characters can be effective for beginners and seasoned players. Choosing the right character is highly recommended depending on your play style and knowledge of the game. 

Goddess: Primal Chaos - How To Farm Coins
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For beginners, I would suggest starting with the Warrior. Warriors tend to be well-rounded characters that can either take on the tank role or the damage-dealing role. They are highly versatile, so I don't have to worry about many other things. 

Bloodlines are the main damage dealer; however, they often have the lowest health and defenses out of the three. Make sure to protect yourself with good gear and a tank in front of you. 

Lastly, the Summoners are highly recommended for those who want to master the game. They complete quests much faster due to their area-of-effect skills, thus clearing enemies much quicker than the Warrior or Bloodline.

Join A Team

Once I have chosen a character and have reached a certain level, I usually go around and try to join a team. Building a team provides an excellent opportunity to expand my social circle. This also allows me to connect with other players and join them during dungeon runs and raids. 

Doing so would help me get more coins, items and improve my skills as a player. Having a team also means I can join an Alliance, which allows me to trade some of my items with other players and ultimately boosts my power in the game. 

There are so many things that we can do as a team in the game, such as boss hunting, team battles, and even Alliance War, that reward us with rare gear if we win the war.

Upgrade And Fuse Heroes

Heroes are another set of supportive characters that will increase your stats in the game. They are often obtained through a gacha mechanic. Upgrade your heroes by letting them join in the battle to make them even more effective. 

Goddess: Primal Chaos - How To Farm Coins
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The more heroes you have on your lineup, the more diverse your powers become. If you want to increase your power further, the best way to do this is to fuse certain heroes. 

Fusing heroes also increases your combat power, so choosing the right pair is vital. Most of the time, fusing heroes would end up boosting your main character's defenses, thus allowing them to survive in the game for a very long time.

Get A Mount

And while we're talking about boosting Combat Power, a mount provides a good boost of Combat Power as well. 

Much like many other things in this game, I can also upgrade my mount to increase its value, especially when it comes to damage and defenses. 

Upgrading my mount may not affect the character's main stats, but it will surely enhance some, which are significant since I will need all the help that I can get to get to the end of the game as smoothly as possible. Make sure to feed your mount regularly, so it remains healthy.

Do Daily Tasks And Earn More Coins

Upon choosing a character at the start of the game, I immediately notice that there are many missions and tasks that need to be completed. It is common in mobile games to have daily tasks as it allows players to understand the game. 

Goddess: Primal Chaos - How To Farm Coins
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I think of it as an extension to the tutorial at the start of the game. These daily tasks not only provide the fundamentals of playing the game, but they also reward a lot of coins for me to use in upgrading my gear. 

While coins are very simple to obtain in Goddess: Primal Chaos, daily tasks boost the number of coins I earn daily. I suggest completing the daily tasks first before you call it a day.

Play The Game Everyday To Get Bonuses

It goes without saying that Goddess: Primal Chaos falls into the mobile game trope of requiring players to play the game every day to get bonuses. 

Many might not have the time to do so, but the game offers many ways for you to earn coins aside from doing daily tasks, which can be very time-consuming. Logging in and playing the game every day for a few hours will help collect enough bonuses and coins to upgrade your gear and character. 

Try joining different events to get rare rewards or play in multiplayer competitions to see which team is the best. There are so many things to do in the game that will help you learn coins, so take full advantage of this option.


As an action role-playing mobile game, Goddess: Primal Chaos thrives when players get to the highest level with the best gear. The tips given above will surely help you reach the highest level without too much adversity. 

Follow the tips and gain as many coins as possible to boost your character alongside your team. Goddess: Primal Chaos is now available for download on mobile devices at the Google Play Store and the App Store.