Black Desert Mobile All Character Classes Explained

Black Desert Mobile is a 3D MMORPG that takes place in a colossal sandbox world where players get to create their own character to play. There are various classes and customization options available for your character.


In this post, we are going to explain the Black Desert Mobile Classes, which will help you in determining which class is suitable for you according to your playstyle.

How do Classes Work in Black Desert Mobile?

Classes in Black Desert Mobile determine your character’s appearances and the way you are going to fight using them. Currently, there are five classes available: Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, and Valkyrie. We are going to discuss these classes in detail below. Some more classes are expected to release in the next year, which we have mentioned at the end of the article.

Black Desert Mobile Classes List


Blood and sweat, as far as the eye can see… No place like home!

Main/Sub-Weapon: Longsword / Shield

Combat Type: Melee

A warrior is a well-rounded melee class, an expert in utilizing his abilities and attacks with a longsword and shield Rough and battle-hardened his powerful attacks and physical prowess are a sight to behold, such as charging right into a midst of enemies with skills like taking down. And while his shield grants a high level of defense, it is a deadly weapon in its own right; he can use it to immobilize his foes and reposition to his favor.


One shot, one kill!

Main/Sub-Weapon: Longbow / Dagger

Combat Type: Ranged

Rangers are an exceptionally agile class, allowing them to maneuver around their foes deftly. With a bow by their side, Rangers swiftly and gracefully take down their enemies. Yet even if they get close, the Ranger can use her powerful kicks to beat back incoming threats.


You cannot hide from my magic!

Main/Sub-Weapon: Staff / Dagger

Combat Type: Ranged

Burn, freeze, and shatter enemies with the power of the natural elements. Having bound the forces of fire, ice, wind, lightning, and earth to her will, the witch is a master of Elemental Magic. With enough time to prepare, the sheer damage they are capable of is unmatched by any other.


I will demolish all that stand before me!

Main/Sub-Weapon: Axe / Ornamental Knot

Combat Type: Melee

The Giant wields two mighty axes that leave nothing but death in his wake. His melee skills are the best fit for a group of enemies, as he cleaves, slices and smashes all who would oppose him.


The sacred power will lead us to victory!

Main/Sub-Weapon: Longsword / Shield

Combat Type: Melee

The Valkyrie, blessed with sacred powers and a shield ever at the ready, stands as a paragon on the battlefield. Similar to the warrior, her defensive capabilities keep her allies out of harms way, though her holy power also provides other buffs and recovery spells. This is not to say she is merely a supportive presence on the battlefield, as her sacred skills can also deal with immense damage.

Black Desert Mobile Classes Arriving Later

Some classes have not been introduced in the game at the time of the global launch. These classes are expected to be added in the upcoming updates. The upcoming classes are:

  • Dark Knight
  • Sorceress
  • Musa

For further information about the upcoming updates, you can check out the Roadmap 2020 of the game below.

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