Modern Combat Versus: Beginners Tips and Tricks

Got bored playing solo matches in PUBG and Free Fire, Gameloft presents a multi-player first-person shooting game with a full action pack. In the game, you will compete with other players in two teams, for that you need to unlock an agent, lead your role, and rule the battlefield with your team. The players in the game get a variety of twenty specialized agents to play the match. The game has simple controls, which makes it simple for new players to dominate the ground. Gameloft had labored hard in creating high-end graphics and high-end futuristic arenas where players can use their special ability to dominate the match.


Modern Combat Versus FEATURES

  • Get positioned into 4v4 multiplayer battles featuring a set of competitive team-based game modes.
  • Play as 13+ specialized Agents (as it comes with moderate violence, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities!
  • Create or join a clan to connect with players from around the globe.
  • Host Live Tournaments with customized foyers and in-game prizes!
  • Battle across 5 distinct maps ranging from close-quarters combat to long-range combat.
  • Compete in monthly seasons, earn trophies, and get promoted to higher-ranked leagues.
  • Customize your Agents with cosmetic skins featuring distinctive designs and weapon camos.
  • Experience captivating graphics featuring stunning visuals and effects.
  • New Agents, game modes, and maps are coming soon! So stay tuned.

Modern Combat Versus Must Know Tips & Tricks:

Master your game control skills

Controls of the game are pretty much easy to understand, you need to master the controls in such a way it becomes your personality because losing control can become a difference in winning or losing. The joystick controls the movements of the game, located on the left side. Sliding it in one direction will make you sprint. Sprinting allows you to move over small obstacles and helps to move away from the battle zone, but on the other hand, it lowers your weapon so use it wisely. Tapping twice on the right side allows you to control crosshair, which increases your accuracy percentage. A confusion in deciding what to click next can cause failure, so make sure to get perfection over your controls.

Knowledge of your Special Ability

As mentioned above, there are twenty specialized agents to choose from before the match. Each of the agents has their own special ability that can be used in the matches. For example, the defender Kan’s special ability creates a defense dome that protects its teammates from attacks. Using these skills at the right moment can turn the coin in your team's favor. Keep in mind that using these abilities costs your core charge. These come in very limited but regenerate overtime. Core charges faster if you kill an enemy or capture a control zone.

Reloading can prove you as a game-changer

Whenever you run out of bullets the agent automatically reloads the weapon, but the problem with this is that when it happens in the middle of the battlefield with a face-off with another player. So make sure you reload your weapon manually so you can avoid that embarrassing situation where you hear an empty clicking sound and your opponent blows your head off.

Aim the Head

Doing a headshot is just not a style statement, but an effective way to kill the enemy. The ideal scenario is that shooting and killing the enemies without them shooting back. Yes, the only way they won’t shoot back if you kill them quickly. In this game headshot is the only way you can damage the enemy the most. Just aim for their head and blow it.

Keep a pace

As a player, you cannot figure it out from where your enemy can pop out. But all you know is that you are already in an enemy’s sight. The only way you can defend yourself is to keep moving so you can avoid attacks of your opponent on your head. Always try to move in a zig-zag pattern or back and forth so you can confuse your enemy and make it difficult for them to get a headshot. If you don’t know where your enemy is, try this move and it will definitely help you to stay in the fight.

Download Modern Combat Versus from Google Play and Apple Store.

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