Skullgirls - Discover How To Get Canopy Coins

Fighting games on mobile are one of a kind. They often bring a lot of different features and a whole lot of action for their players. I've discovered one very good old-school action fighting game with a zany cast and a creative take on the arcade-style fighting genre with Skullgirls. 


Skullgirls play much like your typical fighting game, just like those I've played during my childhood. Skullgirls blends old-school arcade-type fighting games and modern-style animation and features, making the game completely new and above the rest of its competition. 

Each character brings something new to the table, and the complex skill tree alongside events that players can participate in makes the game very engaging. If you're looking for some tips on how to play the game, master each character's fighting style, how you can earn canopy coins, and more, check out my guide below.

  • Learn The Basics Of Fighting
  • Look Out For Unblockable Moves
  • Understanding The Complexities Of Elementals
  • Evolving Your Central Characters
  • Do Daily Missions To Earn Coins
Skullgirls - Discover How To Get Canopy Coins
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Learn The Basics Of Fighting

The first thing that is important when playing Skullgirls as a new player is to learn the basics of fighting. Skullgirls is an old-school fighting game that uses very simple controls; however, simple does not always mean that it is easy to pull off. 

There are many different maneuvers that I continue to learn and sharpen up to this very day. But for now, let's learn the basics. Swiping left and right dashes you in the direction, while swiping down lets your character crouch. 

Swiping up lets you toss your enemy in the air, while swiping using two fingers will throw your opponent away. Blocking can be done by holding the screen with two fingers. 

With these basic moves, you can then proceed to learn a few other techniques, including special moves and attacks.

Do Special Attacks And Blockbusters

Speaking of special moves and attacks, Skullgirls have different characters that we can choose from, and each character has their unique moves and attacks. These special attacks are called Blockbusters and can only be used when players tap the icon at the bottom left. 

These attacks also have a long cooldown, so we don't get to use them all the time. This ultimately means that using these special attacks comes with perfect timing. Use them only when you are sure that you can take down your opponent or at least give you an advantage in the game. 

Blockbusters are also used the same way, but with this attack, players must wait until the meter is full before they can use the attack. This adds a layer of strategy into the game that many new players don't take advantage of.

Look Out For Unblockable Moves

Most attacks need to land on your opponent for them to deal damage. Players can block these attacks using the block mechanic. This can ultimately help prevent critical damage to your character. 

Skullgirls - Discover How To Get Canopy Coins
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I can block as many attacks as I want to with the blocking maneuver; however, certain Blockbuster moves are unblockable. 

Unblockable moves mean that players won't be able to block it, but your opponents can still try to dodge it or stay away from you as much as possible to avoid getting hit. 

Make sure to counter unblockable moves by staying out of range from your opponent whenever they use this move.

Choosing Auto-Battle

When it comes to fighting an opponent, there is a feature in the game that lets you square off with one without even having to touch the screen. Skullgirls have an auto-battle feature that enables you to play out each match automatically. 

Some might not be a fan of this feature as they want to take matters into their own hands, but other players like me want to take advantage of this feature if I know my character is more powerful than my opponent. 

What's good about the auto-battle feature is that I can still control my character's moves, especially when it comes to blocking and the use of special moves. The game does have a full auto-battle feature, and I like that this feature still allows me to do the things I want to do with my character while also finishing the match relatively quickly.

Understanding The Complexities Of Elementals

Skullgirls might be an old-school fighting game, but here's where things become complex and highly strategic. Skullgirls utilize the elemental system where one elemental counter another. 

Skullgirls - Discover How To Get Canopy Coins
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Five different elementals are used in the game, and each can be infused into your chosen character. 

Fire is weak against water but is strong against air, while water is weak against air but strong when played with fire. Air is weak against fire and can be used against water. 

The last two elements are light and dark, which counter each other and are special. Both light and dark deal 20% damage to each other which means whoever deals damage first will get the advantage.

Play More Game Modes

Now that you've mastered the art of the elementals and different techniques in playing Skullgirls, it is time to test your skills by playing different game modes. There are several game modes that we can partake in. The Training Mode is where I can practice up to three characters and test all my moves against an AI opponent. 

This is highly suggested for those who want to improve their skills and know their central character's skills, strengths, and weaknesses. The Story Mode is where I follow the game's main story and will encounter different characters in the game. There are also rewards, including canopy coins, that I'll teach you how to get more later on. 

Lastly, Prize Fights is a special game mode where I play against a randomly generated team based on the power level of my team to make it fair. There are also rewards when playing this game mode.

Evolving Your Central Characters

Picking the best central character is essential in Skullgirls. This is why I highly advise that you pick a character that follows your play style. Once you have picked the perfect central character, it is time to evolve them. 

Skullgirls - Discover How To Get Canopy Coins
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Evolving characters will help improve their stats, unlock more skills, and bring power into battle. This would also help increase your team's power level, meaning you get to encounter other highly-skilled characters in the game when you choose to play Prize Fights. 

To evolve your character, you will need to sacrifice some of your characters as you'll be focusing all of your resources on this specific hero.

Pick A Play Style With The Skill Tree

There's also a skill tree that players can unlock when they evolve their characters. Each character in the game has a specific skill tree. 

Players can get skill points by playing the game and use those points to unlock certain skills. Each skill tree leads to a specific playstyle; therefore, choosing the right skill tree is vital. 

I've mentioned before that the central character must be similar to your play style to increase your chances of winning. Invest in getting skill points throughout the game to make your central character even stronger.

Do Daily Missions To Earn Coins

Earning coins is an essential goal in the game. Coins are used to purchase new characters and even evolve them. There are several ways to earn coins in Skullgirls, but the most effective method is through daily missions. 

Skullgirls - Discover How To Get Canopy Coins
Image Source: Touch Arcade

Daily missions include finishing a few chapters in the Story Mode or simply performing different tricks from your character. It all depends on the type of mission for that day, and these daily missions change every day. 

It is highly recommended that you try to finish all the daily missions before you log off from the game. You can also repeat these daily missions if you are done with them for the day and earn at least 20 percent of the number of coins you get as a reward.

Join Prize Fights For More Rewards

Prize Fights is a highly competitive game mode where most players test their skills, and as a reward for winning, we get to earn more coins. 

From Monday to Saturday, players are treated to Prize Fights that feature a specific character. There are two unique Prize Fights that happen once a day and another that will happen on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Participating in these unique Prize Fights will reward you with a lot of coins. 


Fighting games will never go out of style, not while games like Skullgirls that bring fun and innovative features are still around. I've had a lot of fun playing Skullgirls with my friends. No wonder it is still popular to this very day.

I hope you've learned a few things about the game and help improve your play style. Check out Skullgirls at the Google Play Store or the App Store and download the game.