Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins

Battle Warship: Naval Empire is a naval-themed real-time strategy game on mobile with very familiar mechanics and gameplay. In this game, you get to control a naval fleet, gather resources, fight off enemy bases, and become the superpower.


Resources are key to getting stronger in Battle Warship: Naval Empire. This is the main reason why players often attack other bases to plunder and loot resources and use them to strengthen their fleet

Here are some things that you can do to help you get stronger in the game and how to get gold coins to help your gameplay.

  • Go Through the Tutorial
  • Get More Resources
  • Pick a Better Aircraft Carrier
  • Use Packaged Resources Efficiently
  • Increase Your Threshold Limit
  • Fight Even If You Are Losing
Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins
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Go Through the Tutorial

Players who are familiar with the mechanics of similar games from Battle Warship already know how to navigate through the system. However, I would still suggest that you go through the tutorial and unlock most of the game's main features.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins
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You do have the option to skip the tutorial altogether if you know how the game works or if you are a returning player. 

But, unlocking all the main features of the game can only be done once you are finished with the tutorial. 

The tutorial will teach you to build your base in the game and what you can do with it.

Get to Aircraft Carrier Base 4

Once you are done with the tutorial, quickly make your way to Aircraft Carrier Base 4 and unlock all the necessary features of the game. 

This is highly recommended for new players who are still learning the basics of the game. Once done, you should be able to see all the other features in the game. 

Make sure that you emphasize building your base and avoid getting distracted by the myriad of quests and tasks being offered to you. I usually do that later once I have established my base.

Get More Resources

The next step in the game is to gather resources to help build more infrastructures and recruit more units. 

Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins
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While many other players will suggest that you try to seek out resource tiles, I would rather suggest that you gather enough forces and attack pirates in the game. 

Most pirates, especially in the early stages of the game, are easily defeated. Do a lot of PvE quests that pertain to pirates and they often give out more resources than just farming for them. 

Of course, I would still recommend that you farm through resource tiles but attacking low-level pirates can help stack your resources fast.

Be Careful When Attacking

You might be tempted to attack more pirates just to get more resources from them. However, a good strategy is to refrain from going all-in on pirate ships. 

Choose your battles wisely. Make sure that you can take out the pirates and avoid getting damaged or at least refrain from getting lethal damage. 

It will cost a lot of your resources just to repair your fleet. And while you may get a lot of rewards from defeating pirates, it would just be a waste if you are spending them on repairs.

Pick a Better Aircraft Carrier

As I battle several pirates at the beginning of the game, I also have the option to choose an aircraft carrier. I suggest that you choose an aircraft carrier that has more armor than the ones that you are currently using to attack pirates.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins
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This way, you get to have better defense from attacks and receive less damage. You also have to deal with fewer resources towards repairing your ship now that you have a better aircraft carrier. 

Make sure to upgrade and equip them with good items as well to improve their overall efficacy in battle.

Use Other Carriers for Gathering

Now that you have selected a good aircraft carrier for offensive purposes, make sure that the rest is focused on gathering resources. It is still very important that you have a steady flow of income when playing the game. 

Using the remaining carriers as gatherers will help funnel more funds into your base. I usually focus my research and upgrades on these carriers so they can store more resources making them even more effective. 

I also tend to upgrade their armor as well to at least protect them from attacks while gathering.

Use Packaged Resources Efficiently

In the first few days of the game, you won't notice any other player attacking your base. That's because your base has a free shield that will protect it from attacks.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins
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The moment the shield wears off after a few days, the game changes drastically. You will have to deal with a lot of enemies that try to plunder your base of resources. 

To avoid this happening, what I do is I use packaged resources whenever I want to upgrade my base. 

I would also use the resources that I have gathered immediately like recruit other units or utilize them in research so it doesn't get stolen.

Deceive Potential Attackers

There is a reason why I recommend that you try to use your resources at once especially if you are just new to the game and your shield has just recently expired. Enemies will be prowling for bases to attack. 

Make sure that you try to deceive them by playing coy. Most enemies want to attack your base simply because you have resources that they can plunder. 

Use up all of your resources so when they try to check your base and it is quite empty, they won't be attacking your base anytime soon. Keep this veil of deception until you are ready and powerful enough to challenge any attacks.

Increase Your Threshold Limit

I sound like a broken record when I say that you need to protect your resources at all costs. 

Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins
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Battle Warship might be about aircraft carriers and attacking other bases but the bulk of the game is all about getting resources and protecting them from getting stolen.

Storehouses are infrastructures that store your resources. The storehouse has a threshold limit where no one can steal your resources. You can increase this threshold limit by upgrading the facility itself. 

Never go beyond the threshold limit or run the risk of getting your resources plundered when enemies attack your base.

Join an Alliance

I tend to do an effective job at protecting my resources by using all the methods mentioned above. However, there are also times when there are powerful enemies that keep on attacking my base that leave me no choice but to keep on defending it. 

If this is happening to you, join an alliance that can help protect your base. Choose an active alliance that can defend you against harassing enemies. There are also other advantages to joining an alliance. 

You get to boost the resources you get and sometimes, your alliance members can even try and help you by sending some of their resources to your base.

Fight Even if You Are Losing

You read that right. Even if you know you are about to lose a battle against a player with a stronger fleet and a higher level, choose to fight even if you know you are about to lose.

Battle Warship: Naval Empire - How to Get Gold Coins
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As long as you were able to secure your resources at the storehouse, you should be safe and you can always bounce back. The reason why I told you to fight back even if you know you'll lose is to take out as many enemies as possible. 

The amount of losses you receive does not compare to the expense that your enemy will have when they lose their units

Taking down at least half of their fleet will cause them to spend more of their resources repairing whereas you can always use your stored resources to get back up again.

Take on Daily Quests to Get Gold Coins

Log in at least once a day and finish daily quests after you are done building and fortifying your base. Finishing different quests in this game will reward you with gold coins that you can use to speed up your game. 

I recommend doing all quests at once so you get to receive all the rewards all at once as well. 

Free up some of your time especially when there are special events as these are most likely to give out a lot of gold coins upon completion.


These are just a few basic tips that you can apply to your game when you play Battle Warship: Naval Empire. Spend more time playing the game and you'll learn more advanced strategies to winning battles in this game. 

Check out Battle: Warship: Naval Empire on all mobile devices. To download, head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store.