Warpath - How to Get Coins

Warpath offers something different within the mobile strategy genre. It infuses different genres together and forms a niche game that everyone will surely get addicted to playing. 


For some, Warpath is a complicated strategy game and for others, it is one of the most engaging mobile games in a long while.

Though some might find the strategy aspect slow-paced and boring, the game itself can be very exciting if you are into the mobile strategy genre. For those who want to learn more about the game, and find out how to get coins to help your gameplay, check out my guide below.

  • Understanding All Units
  • Get Stronger Through Research
  • Join an Active Alliance
  • Do Missions to Get More Coins
  • Attack with Full Force
  • Upgrade Your Troops
Warpath - How to Get Coins
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Understanding All Units

Warpath wouldn't be called Warpath if you don't go to battle using your units. In this game, there are several different classes of units to choose from and each of them brings something to the table. 

Warpath - How to Get Coins
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Each of these units has its strengths and weaknesses that good players can harness to play the game at a strategic level. Infantry units can be good against anti-tank guns and can activate a bunker to tank some damage. 

Light and medium tanks are highly mobile tanks that have good firepower. Heavy and Super Heavy tanks are often found on the frontlines but have very low mobility. 

There are also special tanks like Tank Hunters that are good against heavy tanks and Anti-Tank Guns that can destroy super heavy tanks in battle. Each of these units is special in its own way. By learning how each of them functions, I know how to use them in a battle to gain an advantage against opponents.

Importance of Officers

Officers are a special unit that gives units a buff. I usually use officers to buff certain units and give them more firepower or ‘tankiness’ depending on the unit that I equip them to. 

There are over 9 officers to choose from and each of them has its specialty. This brings us to understand how you want to play the game. 

If you are more of a defensive type of player, I suggest that you choose an officer but buff the defenses of your units and base instead of going for the more aggressive ones. Most officer's skills are only activated when you use the right unit as well.

Get Stronger Through Research

Doing research is another aspect in Warpath that most players don't really want to do or simply neglect to do. Researching helps you get stronger through different skills that will make your units more efficient in battle. 

Warpath - How to Get Coins
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There are three main categories in research. These are Industry which makes resource collection faster, Military which gives buffs to units and unlocks higher-level units. 

And you have City Honor which gives you points for the daily arms race. Each of these categories has its separate branch which will determine the type of leader you are in Warpath.

Prioritize Researching Industry First

While there are a lot of choices when it comes to research, I would highly suggest that you prioritize researching the Industry tree first. This allows you to gather even more resources thus allowing you to recruit more units

This also reduces the amount of time that you need to research all the other top-tier technology from other categories. 

Always prioritize researching the Industry category especially during the early stages of the game so you will gain an advantage in the game.

Join an Active Alliance

Alliance is another feature in Warpath that is very understated. Joining an alliance has a lot of benefits however, you will also need to find an active alliance with members that are ready to help you.

Warpath - How to Get Coins
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All the members of the alliance will always be ready to support and defend you in case you get attacked or one of your allies gets attacked. 

Apart from that, there are other benefits you get from joining an active alliance. 

You get the First Time Capture Rewards if your alliance is the first one to invade a military zone. You can also join Alliance Wars and gain access to the Alliance Store for more perks.

Farm Within Your Alliance Territory

One more thing about joining an active alliance is that you gain a good vision within your territory. Find the furthest alliance member and send an airplane over so it will uncover the map. 

Farming for resources within your alliance territory also has its benefits. One of which is you get to find crates with rewards that will help you with your base. 

Always collect different resources found within your alliance territory to get these bonuses.

Do Missions to Get More Coins

Gold coins are an integral part of your success in Warpath. There are countless ways for me to earn coins in this game, however, the most effective way is to do daily missions.

Daily missions are very easy to accomplish and would reward me with almost 50% more gold coins than the ones that I earn from farming. Of course, I will still need to farm for different resources to boost the economy of my base. 

Doing the daily mission not only saves me a lot of time in getting more coins, but it also gives me an option to allocate more of my time farming other resources that I need. 

Playing the campaign also provides a good amount of rewards so make sure to go through it.

Use Your Other Resources Instead

Gold coins are the most difficult resource to come by in this game. Coins are also the most commonly used resources in the game however, there is one trick that I want to share with you so that you can save more coins and spend them correctly or towards a more important aspect of the game later on. 

In the game, there are several other resources that you can farm. Use other resources to pay for upgrades and research instead of using all of your coins to do so. 

This should help you save up some of those precious coins. Additionally, don't use gold when you want to buy items in the Black Market. Use other resources instead.

Attack with Full Force

When attacking an enemy, always use your full force. Overwhelm them with different units so that they can be taken over very quickly.

Warpath - How to Get Coins
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One strategy that I usually do is put the infantry units at the front so that they can activate the bunkers. 

These bunkers can tank a lot of damage giving way for the tank units to deal damage towards the enemy without getting damage back. 

An artillery unit should be enough to deal massive damage however, you will still need to protect it against the enemy since it has low defensive stats. 

Defend Your Base

Now that we've discussed attacking, it is time to talk more about defending your base when you are getting attacked. This is where infantry units are very good at. 

Use them to activate bunkers once again to defend your base and give you time to use your rockets and artillery units. 

I cannot stress enough the advantages of using infantry units in this game so always make sure that they are available and upgraded.

Upgrade Your Troops

Speaking of upgrading units, never forget to upgrade them from time to time. Not only are you increasing their stats but you also unlock many other benefits from researching and upgrading them.

Warpath - How to Get Coins
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Unlike other games, I have a more direct approach to improving my units through upgrading my troops. 

There is no need to use a lot of resources to get high-tier units when I can simply upgrade them to the highest level.

Go Scouting to Find More Resources

Upgrading can take a toll on your resources. You will be spending a lot of your resources on research and upgrades. Make sure that you have enough resources all the time by scouting for them across the map. 

I usually farm my resources within the alliance territory since it gives me at least 25% farming speed. Another great way to do this is to use farming bunkers and upgrade them to level 3. Level 3 bunkers offer more rewards. 

Lastly, use the airport to collect rewards across the map as you scout for more resources. You can even gather up to 50,000 gold from just scouting for resources on the map.


Playing a complex strategy game like Warpath is very challenging. You get to encounter other players who are highly strategic which makes the game even more fun. 

Hopefully, the guide above will help ease you into the game and gain an advantage when it comes to mining for gold coins and other resources. Warpath is currently available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices.